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There was a story on this on the Sunday current affairs programme last week where they interviewed women. I didn't see it but you can watch it HERE.


Just watching that video I posted above, and there's this nugget from one of the women -

"The way to get to intimately know anyone or to have that spiritual connection with someone [...] is to have sex with them"

Yehh...right....what a crock.


They don't remain childless, that's for sure. The Solo Mums Club is alive and well and everywhere: Five different children, three different fathers, sour faced hard-as-fucking-nails features... yep, you know them when you see them. Even when I was a boy I knew what a thin-lipped bitch looked like and knew instinctively to avoid them.


It seems to me that Men are the real benificiaries of the female revolution, the pill and feminism.

Easier to get laid.
no committment.
no need for relationship or proving you have character to stay the course.
It seems that Hell must have thought it up.
Women sure didn't, even they can't be that stupid.

John Boy

Maybe this is why the nice middle age ladies I know can't find a man. Men now see women as something to be cautious of because the men hold the higher moral ground. I never would have thought...

Women's lib has a lot of downers.


Comment from :
Which gender is truly immature in their behavior & expectations in contemporary U.S. Society? Thanks to the lobbying efforts of feminists focused on chivalrous “secular progressive” male politicians & judges, today’s women children live increasingly “responsibility optional, consequence free” lives. Women have the majority of civil, education, reproductive, marital, divorce, child-custody, and child-support rights in America. Result? Women are abusing “No-Fault Divorce”: women apply for 70% of all divorces while utilizing children as financial assets in order to leverage the largest amount of de facto Alimony: i.e., child support. Why find a new boyfriend if you don’t have an ex-husband to subsidize your new love life. Given their child custody monopoly, mothers commit 60% of all child abuse. Moreover, in recent poll 30% of women were willing to commit maternity fraud (lying about her fertility or use of birth control) depending on the prospective father’s income. Fifty percent (50%) of all married women commit adultery which results in at least 4-10% of women committing the most despicable act of domestic abuse: paternity fraud (lying about her child’s real father) w/ impunity by legally forcing their husbands to pay for some else’s children. Why not have an affair if you have an ambulatory wallet to pay for consequences of said affair. Women routinely employ abortion as de facto birth control that results in 25 % (1.4M) of all children conceived yearly being aborted for pure convenience!!! Also, since Women unilaterally decide to have children out of wedlock at least 37% of the time, those same chivalrous male politicians enacted social welfare programs ($1.4T per year) that benefit promiscuous irresponsible women at the expense of the majority male taxpayer base. Why is it always some woman implying that we live a “conservative” country when it’s clear that we are living in an increasingly gynocentric, socialist dystopia?


Hello everybody!!

I also agree with your all topic.I Hope it will more helpful for us. I look forward for more post.

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