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The article I read said her contract was up for renewal this year. I'll wonder if she'll be dumped for being too politically inexpedient for the Government? Probably too much to hope for.

John Boy

She's safe as long as Labour is in charge. Helen has no real hope of a UN job now so there's no point is abandoning Cindy to preserve a UN connection.

I suspect National would like to see her gone like all Labour's other patsies. That's the risk of being in a job because you're left or right rather than simply professional.

One thing is for sure, the sudden fall in Govt tax take (who knows what the truth is though) will make no difference to the patsy spending (bad)habits.


I think Dr Kiro pointed out that it seemed pointless to double up on work largely also done by other agencies (such as MSD, CYFS, Family Commission, Women's Affairs).

It's a very fair point, and unfortunately for her, underlines the need for some-one to review the duplication of services and effort and trim some fat.


Cindy Kiro is a disgrace and a total let down for kiwi children. She should be in prison, as the evidence is the appalling child abuse statistics that she is shamefully silent about, while gallivanting around the world in first class. This is beyond my comprehension and out right criminality !


Her excessive travel is a good sign that she is on her way out, picking up her perks before she is terminated by the next election or her contract , whichever comes first. If she needs a new job might I suggest the Inland Mangaweka Rural District Opossum Control Board exterminator position vacated in 1963.


dad4justice, do you daughters live with you?

Are you alet down to your children?

Are you, in fact, a disgrace?


Ian/Andrei, if you'd like a hand moderating this rubbish, let me know.


Ian and Andrei - how much longer do I have to take this crap from the evil- pus ridden fugly animal ?

John Boy

The trouble is D4J you seem to start it. Remember, hate the sin, love the sinner.


John Boy don't talk shit and read this thread . I didn't start and fugly mentioned my daughters !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This from overnight which is fugly

"Was that you knocking on my door tonight? No, of course it wasn't, you are a gutless coward.

Was that me knocking up your daughter tonight? I Quite likely.

MMMMmmmmm "

Look if anybody knows this creeps real identity can you email me please as I have had it !!!!! I have complained to police but they fob me off and if anybody on here has some moral fibre they will give me fugly's details so I can fix this problem. This is NOT FAIR !!!!!!!!!!!


Sorry pete, as the poet said - it ain't me.

As John Boy says, you do bring this sort of stuff down on your own head by constantly hurling abuse at others in the blog then getting all precious and hurt when some gets shot back at you.

If you go back through the archives, I think you will find the only time I hurl insults at YOU is after you have hurled them at me or another poster.

My questions above about you and are you a disgrace is a mirror of your unfounded comments on Cindy Kiro.

Please also rememeber that it was YOU who followed me in to SmileCity simply so you could continue your campaign of abuse and vitriol.

If you are prepared to play by the rules and debate topics without descending into abuse, so will I. Just as i do with every other poster in here. Why are you the only one who needs to sink so low?

As the song says - you always get what you give.


Fugley I have posted what I think of you on my blog.
End of matter and I will in the future respect this blog. I find it rather odd that you would spend any time on here when you continually gloat over at Slime City that this blog is full of "Kooks"? Unusual behaviour to say the least.

I know you are


Peter Burns, I don't care what you think of me, you are just one more world wide whacko.

Post what you like on your blog, it's water off a duck's back to me.

I do not care who you think I am, I know who I am; maybe you need to go on a voyage of self discovery.

You don't know shit fron sugar, I am not d4j at, I have no love at all for muslims.

This is the last time I will respoond to any of your posts, go and play with one of your invisible pals.

Stan Zemanek


Have you previously posted here with the name "stan"?


No Ropata;

I do not believe Fugley has used that one. Though he has posted at times pretending to be someone else. Sad really

He has signed his last effort with the name of a deceased Australian radio host noted for his right wing views.

I know his real name, I have been tempted at times to use it or even post a photograph of him.

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