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Printing to order now Ian? Last 2 not selling as well as you would have liked?

But I love the spin about the EFB.

If you really want to know how to do it, read The Hard Way by Frank Hardy. It might remind you that there is power in the union.


Will you be promoting this book over at slime city fugly?


fugley, I refer you to a couple of enlightening columns by Dr. Michael Bassett:
Muldoon is Back
the relative freedom that exists is constantly under threat these days because the government, as in Muldoon’s days, insists on being the dominant economic player in the economy. State spending races ahead at a much faster rate than it did in the 1990s, and the bureaucracy has ballooned by 24,000 in eight years, forcing up house prices, especially in Wellington

Whatever it takes to win
Once upon a time, Cullen Clark and Goff possessed guts and were driven by principles; they were capable of making the correct decision, not pandering to the views of those who couldn’t come to grips with what was in the country’s best interests. No longer [true]... Ministers are playing on the economic and political ignorance of voters. The New Zealand Herald this morning rightly labels them guilty of “xenophobia”. Whipping up a populist storm against foreign control is an old political game.. This government is guilty of the worst kind of political cynicism.

There are times these days when the modern Labour Party seems beneath contempt. Be warned. There is worse to come. Because of the opinion polls, ministers are desperate and will do anything to hold on to office. “Whatever it takes”.



Just what we expected from you in election year!

Envy is one of the old list of sins although I see the Catholics have now defined a few more!

This is your answer to "The Hollow Men"?

Is this another of your alleged "career altering" witch hunts?


ropata, as true as those sentiments are, they are not exclusively about NZ Labour; the same can be said about just about any government.

In NZ, the Right howled down working for families; in Oz, the Right (Howard's Liberals) introduced similar policies.

Whatever it takes was Bush and his cohort to first gain, then cling to, the White House.

All governments are now venal because they all bought in to the "Its the economy" line.

All governments focus on retaining government, all oppositions focus on winning government, and neither care a tinker's cuss for us.


No matter what country fugly signing off with a dead man's name is the lowest of the low!! What a despicable person you are.

Oswald Bastable

print to order is the future.

Not a move of desperation.

John Boy

"All governments focus on retaining government, all oppositions focus on winning government, and neither care a tinker's cuss for us."

That, dear F. is a fundamental truth that so many can't seem to see. Peter seems intelligent but as soon as Helen speaks left or anyone speaks right the brain is turned off and he reverts to a non thinking primitive life form that just reacts.

Go write a book yourself Peter instead of slagging those that write what you don't like.

Danyl Mclauchlan

Forward by Mike Moore! Special introduction by a DPS officer Clark had sacked for theft as a servant! Additional material contributed anonymously by many of Clark's closest friends and confidants who've realised that shopping their mate to one of her most hated adversaries was just the right thing to do.


Mike Moore - amazingly reached Prime Minister for a few quickly forgotten weeks - did he REALLY write the Introduction? Fantastic! Moore the Churchillian, still bears the grudge. Mike Moore and Ian Wishart - made for each other!!!

Ha Ha Ha!!!

Anonymous people with the knife out - Helen Clark need not worry about them.

Yes the role of Prime Minister is powerful, and Helen Clark wears it well.

We have seen the result of dithering with inexperienced and political lightweight John Key for National just this week. Actually good timing for this book in that respect!

Helen Clark is the best prime minister in my lifetime which stretches back to Keith Holyoake with all his upper class pretensions.

The whole concept of the book is disgraceful. The cover hints of quite a personal attack. It does not sit well with a person who claims expert knowledge in Christianity and even belief actually.

Having said that, will someone be notifying Helen Clark that the book is to be released. Otherwise she may miss the whole attempted circus.

But it serves an excellent purpose of highlighting why our young should not be fooled by false claims of religion.

But extreme right wing Christian Fundamentalism is only part of this scenario. Possibly more dominant still is somethign more commonplace - the famous NZ tall poppy syndrome.

Ha Ha Ha!!!!

and on second thoughts..

Ha Ha Ha !!!!!


Im no Christy fact I think they are just the flip side of socialist shit like you Peter....but Clark is athouritarian scum and must be removed soon....
oh speech!



This must be frosty Friday.

Thats the day I agree with Fugs.

'Put not your trust in Princes'


Goodness me peter, I think you've overdosed a bit today. If Mike Moore did write the foreword, it's a great endorsement; he does not share the tarnish of government like his Labour ex-colleagues, and he would have a unique insight.

Danyl Mclauchlan

The line about Mike Moore is a (fairly obvious) joke.


Having read Peter's comment can I ask what mental asylum he is housed in ? What a sad twisted nutbar.Man we have some creeps on this site.


Helen Clark is the best prime minister in my lifetime ..

LOL, you must be joking!
History will not be kind to Mdme Clark methinks.
It's going to take a lot to repair the damage she and her party have done and to try and get NZ back to the country it was.


The children of the future will study Klark's regime in history class as a classic model in corruption.


Having read Peter's comment can I ask what mental asylum he is housed in ?

ah yeah, have to agree there D4J. The guy has flipped.

Usually, usually, it should take no more than two posts to say what you have to.

Andrew Davies

"Go write a book yourself Peter instead of slagging those that write what you don't like."

Peter is a prolific writer, of snide and sneery, and sometimes deranged, blog comments.


My memories stretch back to Nash.Clark has a place of her own as the most dishonest of our politicians. Her agenda is private, femnazi and anarchic. She will get into bed with anyone opposed to decency or commonsense.

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