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Shane Ponting

Nothing beats High Definition Stargate Atlantis, 1.07GB an episode downloaded from your favourite P2P

But yeah, shortland st in high definition is still shortland st (and that for me is a bad thing).


they would be better focused on producing programs that are worth watching rather than increasing the definition of the garbage
But Andrei, it's *High Definition* garbage!


We've lqrgely abandoned TV: the resolution is not the problem. The children frequently watch downloaded dvd's, mostly in vcd format. Content is king not format.


We have totally abandoned TV. I do not miss it one bit.

Shane Ponting

KevOB get a divx capable dvd player and start downloading divx instead of VCD rips because they are YUCK! (VCD = video CD, which is so low in resolution it gets beaten by current free-to-air). Last time I saw a dvd player which supported divx it was just over $100. It's easy to tell because every capable player has a little "DIVX" logo on the front.

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