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I didn't take it as satire, just more nasty Christian-baiting from DPF. Not sure what he's trying to achieve there.


This would be satirical.

Nothing unusual about a gay minister of course.

Atheist is going too far. But many ministers I think could be classified as agnostic - given their repeated use of words like "searching", "mystery", etc.

Not mentioning Mary and Joseph to kindy kids is OK, because they don't need to hear about it at that age.

But the clincher for me is right at the end. Where kids actually believe that Xmas is about Santa Claus and Xmas presents. Well that IS what it is about to most NZers and certainly any retailer!

How could anyone, minister or otherwise, overlook such an obvious fact?

Ha Ha Ha!!!a


"Ha Ha Ha!!!a"

Clearly Peter is INSANE !!!!


More I read Kiwiblog, the more I think DPF is a real loop. He's branched out this year from what he was good at into general opinion masked as fact by his reputation. There's only so long you can get away with that.

Interesting assesment of DPF in the BSA thread by a poster called "Hoolahan". I think it about sums it up.


Thanks Rick. The thread in question is discussing the BSA decision to allow the R18 show Californication on free to air TV. Hoolian made a good point.


Seems there is something DPF believes in: the sanctity of his own site polls.

He'll watch you fuck a nun, but mess with his poll and that's just plain immoral.


Obviously Rick you aren't bright enough to un derstand the issue of individual rights and true objective morality derived from those.


There is always a tension between Personal freedom vs. Community wellbeing; individualist hedonism is often very shrill and demanding and cloaks its selfish aims in the language of "rights", all the while ignoring responsibility and the wider social impact of their pursuits.


While the religious businesses are never "shrill and demanding" as they suck the life blood from the community, sit on huge investments and pay no tax.

Do the religious businesses ever care about their social impact, the lives ruined by lies and deceit?

Of course they don't, the Kings just sit in their counting houses ...


Well Fugley, as Rodney Stark details, it was a tradition among Christian businesses centuries ago for their business to contain a poor box where they would place personal donations for the care of the poor.

Also, when I see you do even a fraction of the work for the disadvantaged that the Church and it's members (including those business people) do then you'll be permitted to comment. Otherwise get lost.


Jason, I guess I follow the line of Jesus when he said "But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth."

So Jason, **** *** **** up.


Praise the Lord! fugley follows Jesus! ;-)


"...individual rights and true objective morality derived from those."

Obviously, James, you aren't bright enough to understand morality.

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