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First, your link in the last line seems to point to the wrong page,

Second, why are the number of marriages of any concern? I am guessing you are only concerned about one form of marriage, and yet there are many forms.

And what does marriage confer on the married that helps them keep their relationship strong and healthy?

Perhaps you hark back to the days of no divorce as well, thus keeping the marriage stats high and the personal misery cost higher.


Are the laws concerning de facto marriages the same in the UK as in NZ?

This would surely explain much of the trend.


The elites haven't lost sight Andrei, it's a deliberate strategy. And it's cloaked in a deception plan that is far more devious than those ever thought up by the Twenty Committee.

One of the main planks of the distraction is the left-right punch and judy political show that is called democratic politics; another is feminism, racism, and all the other "isms" which are all fostered and fed by the PC movement; a third is the mind-numbing unending focus upon meaningless distractions such as celebrities, reality shows and sensational trivia in the media.

To think that it's all accidental/coincidental/just a fact of modern life, personally I think that's a mistake.



Oh so we have just invented celebrities have we?

What about Elizabeth Taylor, Princess Grace, Frank Sinatra

Pessimism is a pervasive characteristic of extreme conservatism and extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists.

Feminism - 40 years ago it got under way. Racism - trying to shake it off for years and years.

Reality Shows? Surely just a fashion. Any less useful than sit coms - they have been around 50 years!


From a brief look at the history of civilisation, these trends have heralded either a) revival of traditional faith and values; or b) total disintegration/breakdown of the society, which is then replaced by a more vigorous, confident people group


peter, do you really imagine I was pointing out short-term phenomena? Duh.

Feminism actually started in Russia in the 20's, not in the US in the 60's, for example.

You obviously need to do some research peter.

Reality shows, sit coms, same thing, different day.

Connect the dots peter, it's not hard, except maybe for someone who's too young to.


ropata, I don't see evidence of a), I see the writing on the wall for the first part of b), but not the second part. Unfortunately. Hope I'm wrong.

Linda Axford

... or maybe, many of us now believe that it takes more than a 'piece of paper' to make a marriage.



Radical feminists like Helen Clark make a mockery of marriage.


I still ask - what is so special about marriage?

My daughter is married and has one child.

My son is not married, but he and his partner have one on the way.

Is one worthier than the other?

Does a marriage certificate prevent domestic violence, child abuse, poverty? No. The people in the partnership do that.


A society of faith, obedience, moral principles, and love will honour Marriage.

A general erosion of tradition, trust, honour, and national character will produce the messy situation we have today.


Faith in what - a vengerful god, a god who punishes the yet to be born for the sins committed by others in the past? Not much there to have faith in.

Obedience to what? A god who changes his mind on a whim? A government? An army? I don't think so.

Moral principles? As defined by your obviously amoral god, or thise we as a community decide we will follow? I know which I choose, but I also reserve the right to reject morality that is not mine.

Love? D oes my unmarried son love his partner less than my daughter loves her husband? In my opinion and observation, both are very loving couples.


Daddy 4 said

"Radical feminists like Helen Clark make a mockery of marriage."

Reminds me of what Don Brash said about Helen Clark's view of marriage!

Again I refer to Brash, champion of morality for extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists at the last election!


Fugley asks rhetorically:

Does a marriage certificate prevent domestic violence, child abuse, poverty? No. The people in the partnership do that.

Actually, domestic violence, child abuse and poverty are all more likely in co-habitation. The first being a horrifying 62 times more likely according to the US justice department. The latter two are a consequence of the failure rate of co-habitation which is five time higher than a marriage (despite the horrid marriage statistics).

Of course, this has nothing to do with a bit of paper and everything to do with a couple's level of commitment to each other. But ask yourself this - what does a refusal to sign a mere bit of paper tell you about the refuser's level of commitment to the other partner?

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