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Andrew Davies

As my father always used to say "nothing will kill you quicker than food", usually as he gobbled another greasy chop or slathered more cream on his porridge.


Wuts so good about praties, theve filled the world wit de Oirish bastards so they have!


I would like both my kids to be able to try A2 milk (but I can't get it here, or I haven't seen it) as they are both allergic to the milk protein in normal milk.

david w


There is no reason to think, and certainly no evidence supporting the idea, that A2 is any better for people, like myself, that are allergic to milk protein. There is still casein in a2 milk, and the slightly different protein involved doesn't appear to make a difference

Acid Comments

Same thing with Garlic. It's touted as a 'healthfood', but is a known neurotoxin.

John Boy

Tomatoes were believed to be poisonous for a long time in Britain but the poison was related to pewter plates rather than tomatoes. Being upper class has disadvantages.


It's certainly appropriate to ask whether A2 milk might carry its own dangers, but the science behind A1/A2 would suggest not. It is now well established scientifically that the problem about A1 is that in the digestive process it produces a tiny but harmful fragment (BCM-7). This fragment (called "the devil in milk" in Keith Woodford's recent book) can escape through the gut wall of some individuals and get into the bloodstream. A2 milk does not produce this fragment.

Lucyna, the A2 people say they don't think their milk should overcome milk allergy, although anecdotal reports suggest that in a few cases it seems to.


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