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Before we start a pompous whingeing thread, it might pay to look at the new owners of Jag and Landrover.

Tata is a successful company. It is founded owned and run by Parsee families. Parsee are descended from the Persian tribe known as Magi. They are an extremely honourable and honest group with which to do business. Parsee families are like a beacon above the corrupt swamp that is Indian commercial life. They are over-represented in all the higher echelons of Indian civil life, the law, the arts, the military, medicine, education and business.

If anyone can make a go of the two marques, they can.
Everyone else seems to have made a pig's ear out of it.

Robin Capper

What rubbish, I think he'd be happy. After decades of inept management (BL) or misguided investment (Ford) Jag might finally have owners with the will, and means, to enable it to make decent cars.


You could well be right Robin.

John Boy

To Ford's credit they did lift the Jaguar from piles of PK screwed together crap that promised much but delivered tears to many. Jags became modern, well engineered (mainly) and reliable cars.

If its not engineering then it must be management. Well there we go then - the same old same old. Flash over paid uni graduates who have never run anything except an expense account. I bet Tata doesn't have that millstone around its neck. Good on them.


And don`t forget that the Indians have a love/hate thing going with the days of the Raj.The lower order potentates who could not afford a roller most likely owned a Jag.


Will we see Jaguar prices drop though?

Robert W. Lovell

Greetings All,

Opinions are like an anus, everybody has one but you don't necessarily want to hear it.

Tata is more likely to come up with an entry level car. Jag needs one badly as the average age or the average owner age is going to increase to 70 like the Lincoln Town Car.

Love to see the new guy pimp slap the marketing people in Jaguar. The Europeans gets the twin-turbo diesel and we get the X-Type cancelled, not to mention the marketing group would not sell the X-Estate to the U.S though some did filter in from Canada.

I own 7 of the beast of which five run and and are roadworthy. They range from a '35 SS1 Tourer to an '82 XJS HE.

Ford dragged their butts into the 20th century but they still have a way to go.

They should have kept the V12 and don't blame Ford for the V8. The UK guys have wanted to design one for years and did pretty well. They just have to stop using "space age plastic" for the chain tensioners, After the 3rd version you'd think they would learn.

Looking forward to R. Tata's plans.

R.W. Lovell

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