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My boys are into Lego big time. We probably have more stock than a small toy store.

Lego have indeed moved with the times - the Bionicle series is great (although we collect just about everything else too).

I've just finished a series of books based on the Bionicles as nightly bed-time reading to my youngest.

See them here: Bionicle Web Site

Psycho Milt

That Brickarms stuff is great! I wish I'd known about them a few years back.


Did you see the Herald article on this subject?



Go buy yourself a bucket.

School holidays coming up!


peter why don't you go and buy yourself a Bible you miserable creep.


Poor dadio, missing me are you?

I bought a bible once, but it had things in it I didn't understand, like how god loves me and yet wants to punish me for things done before I was born

Tangles, tangles, tangles I was in
I was born in tangle town
Because of adam's sin...

what stoobloodypidity this god business is.

Still, nice to know one Englsih city ios forcing priests to ead a disclaimer before each mass!


fugly - you are beyond ANY hope and you should be held in contempt as a low life scoundrel.

You are a sickening creature full of venom and poison.Have a nice day on slime city creep.


Great link, thanks reid!


Lego also has a strong following from GIRLS, if they are given a chance with it.

NZ is already turning out more women doctors than men. I have heard that they are around 50% of engineering graduates (when women engineers were almost freaks 30 years ago)

Just have to be wary of any attempts to stereotype. Boys do not HAVE to be aggressive - many are not. On the other hand you would not want to be in dark alleyways if some women were roaming about!


Goes without saying peter, but I think there's clear evidence from society and science and common-sense, that the pendulum has swung far far far too far in the wrong direction and needs to swing back. Almost every boy I've ever known aren't even close to being metrosexuals peter, and if you think they should be, maybe it's you that's wrong, wrong, wrong.

Fugley, you obviously didn't understand the Bible to draw the conclusions you did, so I suggest you keep trying. It's not hard to, you just have to approach it with an honest heart and mind. Until you do, you will never understand its message, which is unbelievable. And don't mistake your failure to understand, and reach a conclusion that there's nothing there. Because if you do, then you're a fool and more importantly, you're missing (walking right on by) the most important understanding you could ever have, bar none.


The point is that every boy has the right to be the kind of boy he wants to be, and the kind of boy he is cut out to be.

Sterotyping is very unhelpful. Also the swinging pendulum analogy is archaic. There is no pendulum.

You need to meet more boys. In the academic streams of school and university you will see the non macho.

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