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"...That is because, according to Sarkozy, when it comes to teaching right and wrong, “the schoolteacher will never be able to replace the priest or the pastor.” Well said..."

WOOHOOO! like a red cape to the socialist bull.


Early days for Sarkozy yet - seems more interest in the poster girl wife than in the man himself!

Although French-born, Hillaire Belloc was really an English poet, writer, politician and much much more. And a Roman Catholicism promoter too.

Sarkozy calls his faith "episodic"; i.e. Could be compared a television series that is divided into short programs. This will come as some relief to the French people. Where can he take these ideas from here?


at least he's spoken the truth to them all.
Thank God for a modern Balems donkey.

loved the bit about you can't fight something with nothing.

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