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Oswald Bastable

Not just me thinking that, then...


I think what does this say about how we value all children.

we are a nation of liars and hypocrites from the top down.

He should not be working anywhere near children.

But what else can we expect with the government we have got.
I believe there is a court case coming up in USA this year involving Peter Davis the prime Ministers husband.

At least that is what you investigate allude too.

Is that sexual in nature?
this isn't such a safe place for kids is it?


Does anyone know the role that this person is performing?

Mowing lawns? Making beds? Washing dishes?

It is quite common for people with mental health issues to be later involved in care of mental health patients.

If paedophilia has been diagnosed, and the mental facility is for adults, one could argue risk is minimal. Supervision would need to be considered as well. What do we want him to do with the rest of his life?

Peter Burns

Our mental health system is a shambolic mess ask any New Zealand police or department of corrections officer.



If paedophilia has been diagnosed????? What the???

I thought it was usually discovered. How wrong I was. Sorry to inform you old chap but my diagnosis is you have a mild case of paedophilia. Get some rest and some community care and things will look brighter.


Peter says:

If paedophilia has been diagnosed...

Paedophilia is considered an aberrant behavior, not a mental illness. It would not be considered inappropriate for him to work with the mentally disabled unless they were children.

BTW, mentally disabled people do not necessarily have mental health issues. Most are quite normal, despite their low IQ.


Thanks for the clarification Jim. I thought I was on safe ground in saying the employment situation was fine.

I see now that my use of the word "diagnosed" was inappropriate because it implied that paedophilia is an illness, when it is really a certain state of mind. I am quite comfortable calling it aberrant behaviour.

My apologies.

John Boy

Like Peter I'm not sure about this. Was it just the tone of the story that made me feel sorry for him?

While not defending him if he's as sorry as he says maybe he's OK where he is with some controls.

Rebel Heart

If he really was watching porn involving underaged children he'd be in prison right now. He was probably just watching gay porn. To not employ him at a mental institution would be discrimination based on sexuality.

By the way, when did ropata become a poster here? I couldn't find the post introducing him.

Peter Burns

Oh no stan is back? Must warn them at kiwiblog !!


totally unacceptable comment


Peter Burns

Ian or Andrei can't you post a picture of fugley?

Rebel Heart

Oh no stan is back? Must warn them at kiwiblog !!

Posted by: Peter Burns | April 12, 2008 at 05:16 PM

Who the **** are you again?


andrei, one must assume that Peter Joseph Burns, formerly of Rolleston (you know, where the sex offenders prison is) and latterly of Shirley, has the goods on you.

How else to explain your continuing deletion of any comment that enigrates HIM while you permit him to spew his bile at all and sundry.

Are you afraid of him, or simply under his spell?

Peter Burns

Unbelievable perverted and cowardly attack on my credibility as a human being and a Christian. How long must this malicious attack continue ?
Bring on Jesus.


You have no credibility.

You show no signs of humanity with your ridiculous posturing as a christian while all the tme abusing anyone who dares disagree with you.

This is not a malicious attack, it is simply pointing out the trutyh you hide from, the truth andrei tries to hide from you... you are a sick and sad induhvidual.

Peter Burns

Remember satanic fugly the key to heaven hung on a nail.

Rebel Heart

I wish I had a relationship with God so I could be just like you Peter Burns. You are such a martyr.


Andrei, one must assume that Peter Joseph Burns, formerly of Rolleston (you know, where the sex offenders prison is) and latterly of Shirley, has the goods on you.

I have down the same thing to Peter Burns' (aka Dad4Justice) comments in the past as I have to yours in this thread.

Why is it relevant to this thread that the sex offenders unit is in Rolleston?

In the meantime I am closing comments on this thread because this silly feud is adding nothing to the discussion on how we view and treat the mentally handicapped.

Which is something we should all care about in a compassionate society.

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