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Andrei - your introduction is pure fundamentalist Christian propaganda.

Yugoslavia has always been unstable - not always overtly, but it was never going to be stable.

Tell me - was Milosevich guilty or not guilty of crimes? Was he actually meant to be Christian?



Europe has always been unstable. the relative peace that Western Europe has enjoyed over the past sixty years or so has a lot to do with well over a quarter of a million American troops stationed there.

But do need I remind you of the IRA or ETA? Or that Scotland is seriously discussing separating from England - a issue there right now is having a referendum on the matter. A much more civilized way than how it happened in Yugoslavia.

Belgium is unlikely to exist as a single Nation for much longer either.

Czechoslovakia is now the Czech republic and Slovakia, two tiny nations with little say in the EU parliament.

What is really happening here is that France and Germany are partitioning Europe and because they are the dominant members of the EU this is the way they will rule over the new empire.

As for Slobodan Milošević's religious opinions, I have no idea but do note that he was a stalwart of the Communist party for most of his adult life and communists tend to be Atheists as you well know. His parents were avowed atheists so the chances are very good he was also.

As for his guilt as a war criminal that is in the eye of the beholder. The atrocities committed during the wars that destroyed Yugoslavia were committed by all factions but generally speaking the perpetrators were resident of the area where they occurred.


>>>I really like this blog, It's always nice when you can not only be informed, but also get knowledge, from these type of blog, nice entry. Thanks<<<

There's only one thing better than getting knowledge, and that's being informed with that knowledge.
Lovely entry indeed. 9.5 out of 10.

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