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So Ian, go wander down to your cellar and open a good bottle of wine and celebrate now.

It seems incredible that we could already know the result of an election when we know of little policy from any of the challenging parties.

There is the reverse Robin Hood policy in Education where John Key has promised more money for wealthy private schools that educate the wealthy.

Plus the boot camps.

Plus taxpayers investing in commercial telecommunications structures - even connecting private houses so they can play more complex computer games.

At this stage the public should be demanding better policies from ALL political parties.

There is plenty of time for parties to campaign from now of course, but how many are using it? Really NZ First is showing the way which seems ridiculous to me.

I have no idea what the "below decks explosion" is to be.


Plenty of time? Oh that's a good one, petey boy!

In five months, corrupt ol' Labour and the commie Greens are going to turn around the malicious acts of nine years? Plenty of time?

Can't wait to see it, HA HA HA!

they've committed $800 mil to a dying railway, are planning one off payments to beneficiaries to correct their self admitted "blood from a stone" welfare packages that until now have been proclaimed as wonderful..gee what next?

How much more money can they throw into the fire surrounding the stake they've tied themselves to?

25 points below National.

Dear oh dear.

Business Leaders not turning up to hear Cullen speak at prebudget meetings...looks worse than grim.

Stay on the ship, peter. Your delusional rantings are only getting more and more amusing.


Fairfacts Media

Ian is not fantasising.
I heard the rumour too when I was in Helengrad yesterday.
Didn't think the gap was 25% or more, I was just told 20% or more.
And there is a second poll concerning a major policy issue which will harm Liarbour even more.


This peter likes "boot camps" left right !! left right !! Stand at attention silly peter - stupid boy !!!!

haha, FIRE the scuds into the Liarbour Ship of Fools !!!

Acid Comments

"There is the reverse Robin Hood policy in Education where John Key has promised more money for wealthy private schools that educate the wealthy."


I tend to agree with you on this.

I've always been opposed to excess Taxpayer funding of private schools. It makes a mockery of the socalled 'userpays' policy.

What makes it worse is now a number of this weathly private schools get virtually new classroom blocks built for them with taxpayer money while many States schools are struggling!


Peter do you agree that all nz children should have fair and equal access to education funding?


BB, I agree that all NZ children should have fair and equal access to education. All children are entilted to an education, and the state provides educational facilities. If some parents want an alternative, they are entitled to that choice, but at their own cost.


I have been waiting for poll results like this. Some months ago I did some trend line analysis and predicted Liabour in the 20's. I was a little surprised at the time, but it's hard to argue with the maths. National hasn't finished climbing yet either.


Fugley, the govt (or us) provide an amount per child. If a parent decides to pay extra for whatever reason that is their choice. Unfortunately this govt refuses to fund children in the private sector to the same level as children in the public sector. This is classic eat the rich politics from the labour government and another reason why they will lose this year.


Well folks, Are we seeing absolute irrefutable proof that this vile and despicable govt is toast? The latest incredible statistic appears right here on this post. Patsy Pete has gone down in a screaming heap. I cant EVER remember a thread where he didn't dominate divert and generally delude. By my count there have been 8 posts and no Pete!!! I have this vision of him whimpering in a corner somewhere all huddled up in a cold sweat rocking back and forth chanting H1 H2 over and over.
Poor bugger, he 's been out on his feet for months but finally he's gone down. Maybe his new idol could be Hilary Clinton, he reminds me of her a bit.

John Boy

I think Peter's fixation with H1 is like a man that is fixated with lesbian sex. Its all a bit pointless, they're not going to invite you to join in so you'll never be more than a wanker on the sidelines.

Shane Ponting

After reading the comments on this one I'm ROFL! I love this blog :)


Barnsley Bill

Yes all children have the right to attend a state-funded school.

However some parents want the luxury of sending kids to a school that more accurately reflects their own world view.

The school for its part will charge the parents on the basis of supply and demand.

If the taxpayer throws money at private schools, the fees will not come down! The govt funds will simply provide more luxuries still.

Your question sounds reasonable Barnsley Bill but consider the following:

Is every New Zealander entitled to a state house?

Is every New Zealander entitled to an unemployment benefit, irrespective of whether they have a job?

Is every New Zealander entitled to be treated at a private hospital?

Is every New Zealander entitled to attend a private school for God's sake!

Your question is as stupid as these four. Taxpayer benefits go to the needy, not the rich!


Oh for fucks sake - clearly based on comments on this blog National is only climbing by stealing labour's policies!

Yes all children have the right to attend a state-funded school.

NO! No children have a right to attend any school! And no child or parent has a right to steal my money because they are too slack to pay for their own children's schooling, and too lazy to home-school.

Rather - every parent has a responsibility to educate their children as they themselves see fit. End of story.


fugley changes to sinner and thinks he is clever. What a nutjob rant about nothing. What sad lives these distorted trolls must lead.


He's bang on though D4J.....There is no such right as a "right to an education someone else's expense".....that is theft.

All education should be private/market based....the State has no role or right to educate kids just as it has no pole to play in serving hamburgers or running railways.

Andrew Davies

What James and Sinner said. With bells on.


What James, Sinner and Andrew said. With bells and whistles.

It's laughable watching everyone on this blog wet themselves with excitement that "Liarbour" is on the way out when National will be NO DIFFERENT!!!

Shane Ponting

National gives us more fibre internet bits. That's a difference.....


Sinner says:

"Rather - every parent has a responsibility to educate their children as they themselves see fit. End of story."

This is complete and utter rubbish. You simply can't expect parents to take responsibility for education when they are busy in their own careers. Home schooling suits some, but how do you provide the diversity of curriculum that a school provides.

Only a few parents are specialist teachers, doctors, dentists, accountants and lawyers - it does make sense to seek services outside the home in areas where parents have limited knowledge.

Fact is most parents wouldn't have a clue about education - most have been away from the classroom long enough to have forgotten things.

Skinner and James are presumably among the 1 percent that support ACT, or are they two left wing for you guys. You seem to line up with Perigo's party to me. Skinner and James are greedy, it is the community/society role to provide an education for all of our young.

You don't discriminate against particular children because their parents are unable to buy education.

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