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David Farrar

Ian - what list is this of. I want to blog this, but need details of exactly what it is a list of.


Well done Ian. I was astounded at the level of corruption exposed in the book and I urge every New Zealander to read it. It’s a must read for any person of integrity and moral substance as it highlights dishonesty and deception characterized by a privileged team of professional liars. Taxpayers deserve far more accountability from a bureaucratic snake pit administration. Who needs parasitic spin-doctors like that behind the scene witch Heather Simpson, who is the classic head case study in the bureaucratic inertia that pushes and maintains people in unfit positions of power. This book clearly shows the pitfalls of a totally unscrupulous Helen Klark regime of jackass freaks who are all masters of bullshit.

peter go away you creep.


Well done Ian, really proud of you and Heidi!



How many of the other books listed are in their first week of release?

Also were any of the others accompanied by radio advertisments?

Shane Ponting

Yeah! Good Stuff Ian, another star to clip on the shoulder.....


D4J, you were "astounded at the level of corruption exposed in the book"?

Have you been living under a rock?

I guess for people with an attention span of a gold fish, the book may offer a useful summary of events.



Ian, well done.

Ian Wishart

Peter, speaking as publisher rather than author, here's the deal.

Kerre Woodham's book was number one and has had both TV and radio promotion.

Most of the books were in the list last week, as was Absolute Power which entered at #10 after some shops evidently broke the embargo and sold the book on the last day of the previous week's survey.

The Dymocks list is more enlightening, because it shows Absolute Power is the most popular book in the country overall. I've only glanced at the Dymocks Top 10, but I didn't notice many if any other kiwi titles in the top ten. Most of the international bestsellers get substantial TV and media promotion.

Ian Wishart

I forgot to add (and this was the 'publisher' bit)...that it is extremely unusual to get a current affairs breakthrough into the top ten in the lead up to Mother's Day, just as it is hard to beat the sports books on Father's Day.

As a publisher, this is pretty unique and it's the first time a Howling At The Moon title has ever appeared higher than #5 in the lead-up to Mother's Day IIRC.


Haven't brought it yet Ian. I'm underpaid, over taxed and have petty traffic infringements to pay, but I'll get a copy eventually :-)
Well done.

Rebel Heart

I honestly cannot understand why people are buying this book. I honestly cannot be fucked reading about Helen Clark.


Don't worry Rebel Heart. You may get exciting reading about members of the police force like Broad and Pope.

It continues the general theme of this forum which is "blame Helen Clark for everything!"


Congratulations, Ian. It's looks like the tide is still going out with the "tsunami" of information that your book provides the voting public. Clearly the effect cannot be compared to The Hollow Men, that peaked almost immediately.


The fact that the book is selling so well is a credit to the author. The cover does not help. The cover is most disturbing: it couldn't be used on TV. Every time time I see that face I flinch.


Peter said "It continues the general theme of this forum which is "blame Helen Clark for everything!"

Peter - in case you hadn't noticed, Helen Clark, in her capacity as PM leads the government. Therefore, she is ultimately accountable for everything the government does, or fails to do.

John Boy

"...blame Helen Clark for everything!"

Fair enough. She's, by her own designs, put herself in charge of everything.

Its a good book. I have already leant mine to other basically honest people who don't like Labour. My friends don't like National much (or any other party for that matter either).

The most worrying thing is that when the Russkies and Chinese square off whose side will we be on?

Otherwise relax Peter. Helen will have a book written by someone else, sign it as her own and it will achieve #1 in the first day when you pre order 10,000 copies. Ian will protest (unsuccessfully because its Helen after all) that the title is a breach of intellectual property when due to last minute sabotage by RWC Fundies subversively working in publishing and the complete ignorance on the part of the publishers (it was foggy and the security cameras didn't work) the book is called "Absolute Fuck Up - The Helen Clark years". Helen will then claim that its all a beat up and she didn't write it in the first place. As that is the truth (how did that happen) she will escape squeaky clean again and Peter will have a pile of waste paper that is too slippery to wipe his arse with.

Chuck Bird

This book does not have very much new but ties all the issues together. For those who have not subscribed to Investigate this book is particularly well worth reading. One could ignore Clark and Labour supporting Benson Pope particularly initially. But people have to be reminded that Fields was a Labour MP when he did what he is in Court for and Labour supported him until he hinted he might stand as an independent.

Ian is very good at getting the chronology right. The issue of Peter Davis being kissed by his homosexual friend would not have been published if Labour had not threatened to divulge personal detail about National MPs if National did not stop doing their job as Opposition Party effectively.


Agreed Chuck. Many of the allegations made by Wishart could (and were) in isolation toughed out. But when they are presented`as a package as Wishart has done, they take on a much more sinister appearance - that of a systematic and well-oiled "predetermined plan of deception" (to quote the late Justice Mahon). When Cullen says "This is a contest for power in New Zealand", you get a clear statement of what the Helen Clark government considers its highest priority.

Fairfacts Media

Congratulations Ian

You have braved much opposition to write your book.
Okay you did not get banned , or the coverage you deserve.
But while the MSM ignores your work, the ordinary people do not.
And they get to see the realities of Helen from Absolute Power.
Shame on the MSM for not even considering the issue.

Steve Taylor

"He comes in, he bowls.........OH, BESTSELLER! She didn't even see it coming, went to ignore, tried to chasitise, called for lemming reinforcements, but no, straight through, no question, THATS's OUT BY ELECTION TIME! (That's stuffed her Ritchie!).


Chuck Bird would be right when he says:

"This book does not have very much new but ties all the issues together. For those who have not subscribed to Investigate this book is particularly well worth reading."

I have seen NOTHING in these Investigates that has demonstrates that Helen Clark has harmed NZ, well not in the way that the 1990s National govt stuffed up. I am still to be convinced that in these globally challenging times, that an alternative govt with the equivalent steadiness and smartness can be formed.

Chuck Bird says:

"But people have to be reminded that Fields was a Labour MP when he did what he is in Court for and Labour supported him until he hinted he might stand as an independent."

I beg your pardon. The Labour Party took a "wait and see" stance until investigations were conducted and until a report was released. Following the release of the report there is a court case in progress now. I don't see how any alternative process could have produced a better outcome and in fact final judgement is yet to be made. Philip Field has been on a "slow burn" since his troubles began, he has had ample opportunity to bail out, but has chosen to fight on. That is his prerogative and in my opinion his embarrassments are multiplying - but Labour have been wise not to pre-judge a situation where legal action has happened.

I actually thought nearly everybody in this forum was a supporter of Philip Field - he is a Christian - and was looking to form a party with the likes of another of your stars Gordon Copeland! Ha Ha Ha!!!

We will have to see what further mileage this book has but I can't see it becoming the classic that "The Hollow Men" is.

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