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Take faith and peace in the fact that those people's opinions do not count for much, so influencing their thought would have little effect.

But when you vote in the next lot of pollies, your vote may just count for something.

Taxi driver: do not speed. There is no justification for that, or killing someone, especially a child of Ian's, Ropata's or mine.

Workmate: as I understand it, God will come into your life if you ask for it. Not of you're being bullied to ask. So lay off the pressure, and focus on making your own family's life better.

Another workmate: Did you cycle to work? Carry your shopping in reusable bags? Use eco bulbs? Turn of the microwave, stereo, TV, computer, and any other device on "stand-by", compost all green waste, go to bed when the light fades and get up when it is back, eat sustainable foodtuffs made locally (etc)... if not... go home and improve your own life.


yikes. must proof read my posts... no chance of an upgrade to the blog software with an edit function?

John Boy

Alas I bought another depressing book the other day - a second hand copy of "The Sell out of NZ" by Denis McKenna. I had no idea what is was about really but the title caught my eye.

It explains a lot of what we see happening and is interesting as it was printed in 1989. In the latest Investigate John Key is all about looking forward and not back. Maybe you should revise that John; some of us are learning from the past and watching you. Not every one is dumb all the time as Helen is now finding out.

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