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Shane Ponting

If you can afford it, spend the $10-20K converting your small car to electric and then build a solar power plant at home to be the charger. As the price of petrol climbs higher and higher the speed at which it effectively pays for itself will go into Warp 9.......

John Boy

There's one thing I can be sure about and that's when doing it yourself becomes economic the govt will require a resource consent to effectively prevent you doing it youself. We could easily be much greener than we are now but that would affect revenue and dividends from SOE's. Can't have that can we?


NZ has the wrong gauge railway. It has the most expensive transport network in the world. It has the most petroleum dependent agriculture.
You are going to have people starving on the streets here.


Of interest.


Shell CEO says record oil
not due to shortage:

LONDON (Reuters) - Oil prices at a record high above $135 a barrel are rising due to market sentiment rather than a shortage of supply, Royal Dutch Shell's chief executive said on Thursday.

Kirsty Bentley

Actualy, the "price" of oil has a lot more to do with a weaking $US than more expensive production or "peak oil".

Start trading oil in Euros and the price will stabilise. Oddly, that is exactly what Saddam Hussein was oranising when Shrub went all postal on him.


Ian - is it appropriate that a young girls name who remains a unsolved murder be allowed to be a post.

Isn't it time this deranged creep is outed and exposed as this sicko is continually attacking .

What a evil demonic scumbag this creep is .


"Start trading oil in Euros and the price will stabilise. Oddly, that is exactly what Saddam Hussein was oranising when Shrub went all postal on him.'

I think you'll find the petrol price will cost a lot more at the pumps with more Oil & Gas producers around the World switching to Euros.

The Euro is worth more than the US$.

Current NZ$ exchange rate=

0.78 US & 0.50 Euro.

John Boy

At the end of the day the oil producers will dump the USD and swap to something else. The US won't like that but surely can't invade everyone that has oil. If the Euro was used it wouldn't cost $125 of them to buy a barrel so pump price may not change much.


That demand from China & India is always cited. Has anyone done the numbers on that? Apparently China’s demand has doubled over ten years from 1996 to 2006

Production 2007
3.73 million bbl day
Consumption 2007
6.93 million bbl day

Shortfall 3.2 million bbl day

Production 2007
8.3 million bbl day
Consumption 2007
20.8 million bbl day

Shortfall 12.5 million bbl day

Net consumption in China apparently doubled in 10 years to net 3.2 million bbd day 2006 yet still only 25% of US net consumption.

Oil price between 1996 to 2007 (i.e supposedly huge demand increase from China) from $20.50 to $64.20. On the way to $64.20 it got down to $12.

Now spikes to $135 due to China?? Don’t think so comparing Chinese consumption numbers with the US doesn’t support your conclusion. (Adding in India doesn’t help your theory much)


The oil futures market is heavily over bought. There will be an accounting. The good news is that it is predictable: when pension funds are taking positions in commodity markets it is time to shut both down. A shortfsll in supply is one thing: an excess in demand for betting options is another.

kirsty bentley

I did not say the price would fall, I said it would stabilise.

And, as pointed out by another, a barrel would not cost 100+ euros. Shifting to the euro would have a severe impact on the economies of US and China. Maybe a good thing all round.


What kind of sick blogger posts under the name of a poor school girl who was brutally murdered and is still a cold case?
What is this person up to?

rebel heart

what kind of sick person uses the name of justice in vain?


Stan we are on to you mate.

Peter D

D4J, as the Republican Party's Christchurch spokesman, what's your position on peak oil?


AFAIK, d4j is no longer associated with that party. Soemthing to do with the abusive emails he sent to people asking questions about party policy, I believe.

Also of interest.

Germany in call for ban on oil speculation:

German leaders are to propose a worldwide ban on oil trading by speculators, blaming the latest spike in crude prices on manipulation by hedge funds.


fugley, the republicans know all about you.

Peter D

D4J, are you no longer associated with the Republican Party?


fugley must be thanked as his malicious internet attack on me as dad4justice@muslim is now a police investigation. Fugley will be exposed for the sick animal he is.

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