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I enjoyed the first edition. I wasn't sure what to expect, but it did the job.

Newspapers are such a monumental waste of paper, and much higher cost that I can see me reducing my current subscriptions to just the weekend editions plus TGIF.

I can't get completely away from newsprint - I need something to wrap my broken CFL bulbs in.


You made the international news! Shire Network News' Podcast featured your Ruth Dyson piece with approval:~

I thought I'd do my bit to help our technologically challenged Parliamentary website maintenance drones come up to speed by sending them the following helpful email:~
It seems Ruth Dyson's speech has gone missing from the NZ Parliaments website (hint - it should be here:~ )

However it looks to have - mysteriously - vanished! If you need a copy so you can reinsert it to allow the voters of New Zealand to read what Labour's plans are in regard to social engineering and the affirmation of multi-partnered marriage, or multi-partnered civil unioning, please feel free to use this link which I thoughtfully provide below.

No, don't thank me, I'm just doing my bit to assist the democratically elected government of our country keep its channels of communication open with the people who they are in Parliament to represent.

Have a nice day!

Will pass on their note of thanks for all to read...


Answer received (but no thanks):~

"The speech was taken down because the minister never gave that speech....It was an operational mistake. Nothing more, nothing less...[T]he speech was rejected. It is neither the position of the minister or the department. Just a bad speech."



The story has proved to be a complete non-event. I thought I heard Leighton Smith trying to stoke up some aggro on it the other day. Nothing happened.

Go to bed and go to sleep. Turn the lights out. Did you remember to clean your teeth?


I'm yawning. I 'll wake up when I get my next edition.

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