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Psycho Milt

A few points:
1. I've lived in a country where corruption and influence-peddling were the norm and believe me, our Police Force and politicians are not corrupt. Not even close.
2. No doubt Transparency International's methodology leaves plenty to be desired. Nevertheless, they've applied it consistently across various countries, and we show up as least corrupt. That doesn't mean there are no corrupt public officials in NZ, it means there are fewer than in other countries.
3. Such corruption as we do have in our Police Force would be mostly eradicated by decriminalising recreational drugs. If we ask the Police to pursue people for such non-crimes, it invites corruption.


From my own 'sources'.

It's a minimum of $1000 to 'bribe' a NZ Govt official. I.E Police, Customs, etc!

The trick is. You have to know which ones are on the 'take' and only the main criminal 'underworld' seems to know that!


Psycho Milt is, as usual, the voice of reason here.

Acid Comments - I have no idea where you got this idea from.

We are a small community and in the public service, we are remarkably transparent compared with other countries.

Just by comparison, look at the problem China is having in tracking down the melamine / milk scandal.

Their people are terrified of being put to death. NZ actually encourages openness. You can not get away with much here.


"Psycho Milt is, as usual, the voice of reason here."

But peter, as I have expressed on Poneke's blog I have a truck load of evidence that proves the NZ police to be corrupt!

Alex Burns

Yes, dad has loads and loads of evidence, but most of gets cleaned up each time he washes his undies.

Its a shame, isn't it Pete, that the corrupt system refuses to take your ramblings seriously.

How's the election campaigning going?


"Acid Comments - I have no idea where you got this idea from."


FWIW. There's a nice 'cabal' of bent Customs officers on the ports of Auckland for starters. They turn a blind eye to all the 'illegal' weapons smuggling down there for $$$!

Hey it was bad enough in the 1970s. Ship loads of illegal weapons were openly coming into the country and some of the 'honest' customs officers were told to forget about doing anything about it or they wouldn't see their wife and kids, etc!


Oh yes Acid Comments. And armed insurgents are all over the place reading to blow our heads off.

You are talking about New Zealand?

Hands up or I shoot. Lets play cowboys and indians. Pow Pow Pow!!!

Ha Ha Ha!!!


Milt, it is Poneke who made bald assertions about the total absence of bent cops in NZ. That's what I was taking issue with.

You and I take a more pragmatic stance than Pollyneke, and I agree that the TI survey shows we are less corrupt than many other nations.

However, Poneke's boast about our 'number one' positioning is looking a little hollow, even on TI's explanation of events.

New Zealand is the only major Western police force not to have undergone a full inquiry into corruption, and based on the evidence now emerging, it is long overdue.


"Oh yes Acid Comments. And armed insurgents are all over the place reading to blow our heads off.

You are talking about New Zealand?"


My father personally new some honest customs officers in the 1970s who confided what was really going on.

My Grandfather held a top position in one of the main Govt Depts in the 1930s and 40s. He was one of the few 'honest' individuals at the top level in the dept and he was well informed on the 'illegal' gun running/smuggling going on via the Ports of Auckland even in those days. My Grandfather was battling theft and embezzlement of taxpayer monies from the dept in those days to no avail. As soon as he had ratted out the crooks and caught them redhanded in his dept and tried to sack them,etc. He would find them back at the job in another branch of the dept up to the same old tricks again doing the same criminal practices as nothing had happened! They were completely protected species and immune from prosecution, etc. The same thing still applies today amongst the same crooked corrupt cabal who still work in the Govt system!

And I've met people in recent times who've also confirmed what's still going on, etc!



Here's a question for you.

If there's no or hardly any corruption amongst the Police or various Govt depts and Politicians in the country as some would have us believe.

How come the police will not prosecute 3 underworld criminals in Auckland alone. They sell fake official govt documents (drivers licences for $300,etc) and they're drugdealers.

The answer Peter is simple.

They all have Police and Political connections. I know this for a fact!


Acid .. even assuming what you are saying is true for one improbable moment I can tell you this ..

People who break the law take a RISK that the police or a citizen can make a move on them at any time!

The police the world over do weigh up whether it is best to make a pre-emptive arrest once they have one offender, or they may use this one offender (through phone tapping, visual surveillance, or other means) to pull in entire networks.

And that is typically what happens - you get co-ordinated raids that can pull in a couple of dozen at the time - including ring-leaders.

How did the Mafia carry on as it did for all those years?

That is why I say what I say. Petty criminals get away with petty crime, they move from drug usage to sales and distribution for example - then finally wham - they are all in clink wondering what happened to them.

Paul Holmes' stepdaughter is a probable example. For how many days and years has she been a "P" user? After her FIRST arrest, what has been going on since? Come to that, what was she up to when boarding at a swanky girls' boarding school? Maybe even earlier?

Here's a hint .. READ the biography of any major rock star and see how they seemed to take drugs with impunity all over the world when they were international stars. For example the 2007 autobiography of Eric Clapton - how could he get away with playing in something like the Concert for Bangladesh (including movie) when clearly so stoned in public? How could he offer to visit foreign countries on the condition that heroin will be supplied while he was there?

What about Africa, where bribery can be the only way to get through or out of the continent?

So drug users and criminals all the message is clear and universal - try your luck as long as you dare!

Extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists - do the classic Lord Horatio Nelson - keep the telescope over the non-seeing eye and tell us all what the facts are!!!

Ha Ha Ha !!!


"So drug users and criminals all the message is clear and universal - try your luck as long as you dare!"


The individuals I'm talking about have been known to the police for years and they won't prosecute them.

The fact is some criminals are protected species regardless of their crimes.

The old saying: It's not what you know. It's who you know. Is so true!


Acid Comments

You have been dropping too much acid lately - it is distorting your world view.

I am impressed by your connections to the underworld that other extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists would not have a bar of.

But it seems to me you are getting all carried away about a few guys that in their spare time are pulling wings off moths.

You simply can't find the space in the courtroom or gaols for guys that muck around a little. Much better to take the time as I said and then blow up complete networks and hierarchies.

Don't forget also once a person is criminalised once, so often a pattern emerges of a life of crime. Yes they know how to pick your number then.

I would give up these associations if I were you Acid Comments. I any case I thought it would give you a sour taste in the mouth!

Ha Ha Ha !!!


Mr Ha Ha Ha peter is obviously insane.


"Acid Comments

You have been dropping too much acid lately - it is distorting your world view.

I am impressed by your connections to the underworld that other extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists would not have a bar of.'


You're obviously are very very naive individual. What's really going in this country I found out by going about my business lawfully and by pure chance. Plus as I mentioned previously honest people working inside the system have told me or members of my family what was going on.

Hey my mother was told by the Head of the Auckland MOT traffic cops back in the 1970s, They had a policy not to employ honest traffic officers!

BTW: Peter
I well know about serious corruption in this country because it affected me a nearly tore my family apart in the 1970s due to a cabal of crooked embezzling lawyers who were protected by the system for the serious crimes and perjury. One of those scumbag top lawyers worked for the 'Human Rights Commission at one stage.

It also involved an Aunt of mine who was deliberately starved to death in hospital and that was also coverup by the crooked system!

NZ is a very corrupt nation. Get you head out of the sand Peter and start looking around you. You might not like what you see once you've taken your rose tinted glasses off!


Well Daddy 4 and Acid .. are you not the perfect pair. Were you born with a chip on your shoulder?

Look I simply do not seem to attract the shady type of people as you do. Where do you meet all these people - at church?

I have had to use lawyers in the past and found them to be extremely professional. In future Acid, why not take a personal reference so that you can get someone more suited to your needs.

I had friends who joined MOT and the process for selection was indeed rigorous, and I know they would both take personal offence if you accused them of such a thing.

The Ministry of Transport was a worthy organisation that did much to enhance our safety. It is still not clear to me that the police merger gave us pure gain.

When it comes to loopholes in tax avoidance, and monetary greed of prats like Petrovich - I agree there. Not easy to legislate to give flexibility and responsiveness to the good guys, while keeping these other guys at bay.

Rowan Williams, distinguished Archbishop of Canterbury, called this latter type "bank robbers"

Red Rebel

FFS Ian where do you find this crap? Have you ever traveled? ANYWHERE?


"There was people getting paid under the table. [Name deleted] was a bit of a drug dealer back then but the cops never went around to see him. I was working in with him as well and we never got touched hardly, then this Peter Gibbons would come in. "I was probably making three or four thousand dollars a week selling drugs and stuff like that, and because they weren't getting anything out of it they were coming around and just ripping people off," recalls Michael.


Let me emphasise this: You can't possibly do better than be the least-corrupt country in the world in Transparency International's list. We are not number two, we are not number three, four, five, six or seven. We are at the very top. No country scores better than New Zealand for being less corrupt. Not one. Many people reading this will not want to hear this message and will take extreme exception to it.


On one side we have the extremists:

There is hardly any corruption, so lets not look for it - stick our heads in the sand. It will never happen because NZders are supernatural beings. Hooray for US!

And on the other side we have:

NZ is rife with corruption! It's everywhere and must be stamped out. Every cop is bent!

What a bunch of myopic minds.

The article states there is an element of corruption in the police. It has proof, as much proof as can be found under the circumstances, to back it's claims.

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