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Interesting thoughts from Rodney Hide regarding recent economic policy from National:

The Roy Morgan poll be indicating a trend. Who would now be surprised to see movement to 3rd parties?

I don't support ACT. However commentators are noting that there is something very 1990s about the National economic policies and we still remember the 90s


You know what Peter,maybe the best thing that could happen for NZ is for labour to get in again and finish the place off. At least then people would finally understand that they are no longer the party for the "working man".
Yes, labour should piss away the rest of the economy, cause to be honest it is probably the most efficient way to finally rid ourselves of the thousands of beurocrats that have suckled from this big fat red cow.
Then maybe we could have a go at rebuilding the country with whoevers left.


Yes Dan, and obviously the National Party holds the "Key" to a more prosperous future? You must be joking!

Future coalition partner for National, Rodney Hide and ACT, they can see more clearly that you can.

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