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Argh! The suspense! :(


You're in suspense?

Imagine how Clark and the campaign strategy team will be feeling right now...

TGIF Edition exclusive. This one is an election circuit-breaker. It's worth the wait.

Peter J

Is this better than the Labour neutron bomb?


cant wait expect this will be the coup d' grace. Also cant wait for JK to get Clark to lose it on teh next debate. Reckon she just needs a little nudge to push her over the edge of the cliff



Anything to do with LAX?


"Also cant wait for JK to get Clark to lose it on teh next debate. Reckon she just needs a little nudge to push her over the edge of the cliff"

She came very close to loosing it the other night; her face said it all.


Is it true that it's the biggest uncovered dung heap by far?

Because that would make it spectacularrrrr.

Come on give us a hint...


I thank you in advance for your efforts Ian.

I often tell people that whatever they may think of you that, to my knowledge, you have never been proved wrong on anything that you’ve gone public with.

My concern is not that you will be wrong but that you will be ignored.

It is an absolute disgrace the way issues exposed but those NOT in the media elite of this country are ignored regardless of the substance of the story. (And sorry mate, but they really do not seem to see you as one of their own - you should take that as a compliment though)

I hope that you have some strategy to get this expose out into the mainstream media.

Of course if you were to suggest that John Key eats babies?

Well then I can guarantee you’ll be the lead story on both One and 3 News for a week.

Good luck with this one and thanks again.



Do you think you have the timing perfect this time?

Not a little early, not a little late?

Forgive me for feeling rather doubtful - careful you don't win votes for the wrong team now!


Why are you not revealling the government cover-up of evidence that ASIS was resonsible for the China milk powder scandal - what better way to ensure that NZ doesn't get any advantage over Australia in the China market thanks to the FTA?

Tony Norriss

Hope you really have something here, and that it gets picked up by the biased left wing media.


Look forward to it, every issue has been worth the subscription. Any idea of a time? It's a pain checking every half hour on dialup.


peter, I do believe the timing is impeccable.

How do you feel? Poor peter hahahahahaahaaaaaaaaaa
Kind regards


Daddy 4

Obvious that you are in a dreadful spin. Calm down!

What about the mainstream media. No sign of interest there so far.


Peter - are you posting as Rex Mundial as well? Same words minute apart. In answer to your statement - top of the news on ZB.


Multiple identities and arrest warrants but Aunty Helen bitch said it's alright because you gave us money!! Good one Mr Chinaman, you are criminals LIARbour!!! Open the cell = prison bound creeps.


Major News Story Breaking ..

Scoop! Newsflash!


It seems that if you have money and throw it at the political parties or if you have friends in high places, then you are excused of anything. Why has Lang Liu been granted citizenship? We do not need people who do not abide by the law here. It has amazed me how quiet the media has been about the information disclosed about Owen Glen by your magazine.


Ready, Fire, Take Aim!!!

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