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Do you think there is some kind of convention, 'code' or back room deal where an incoming Government doesn't instigate investigations and/or legal action against the previous one?


There's got to be one, belt, no other reason why the bastards are still grazing freely.

I'll be interested to read this story in more depth tomorrow morning - which is when xtra dishes it out to me. Does everyone else get theirs at night? (...that's the paper I'm talking about!)

Another thing: will TGIF be investigating Pansy Wong's involvement as well? TGIF have given the previous excuse of "she didn't know", but we all know how flimsy that gets under closer inspection. I'd rather parliament was completely clear of corrupt officials rather than let one free just so the Soft 'n' Cuddly Key Coalition doesn't look silly a few days into it's first term.


Boring Ian.

Note also that David Parker is now a well-deserved No 11 and he has the shadow portfolio of Attorney-General, Electoral Reform, ACC, Associate Finance.

We wish him all the best.


oooo gosh, the shadow portfolio you say?!


While we are all waiting for the big announcement, enjoy a liberated Sir Cliff Richard and his new image!


So the cat's out of the bag. All we had to do was wait a few hours:

So what next Ian. Do you urge the Labour caucus to drop him as a member of the Oppostion? Ha Ha Ha!!!

And so Shane Jones decided to override an officials recommendation, being surrounded by recommendations from National and Labour that he do so. Is that a crime?

Really, isn't this is all very pathetic - relating to a pathelogical obsession that you have?

Meme Ian: Have you heard, there has been a change of government in NZ. There are a fresh two dozen or so Cabinet ministers for you to amuse yourself with now!!

Ha Ha Ha!!!

ian pursues these things because it is the right thing to do. The names are interchangeable and unimportant. If a Minister, any Minister, overrides a current criminal investigation to award a friend of his party (and a friend of his friends) citizenship, then it needs to be investigated, blue or red.

That's why these things transcend election boundaries - I'm not targeting the party, but the behaviour.

Grant S

peter, Can you please stop going on and on about homosexual issues in unrelated threads !



Again you think you can define truth in your own way, it gets boring.

In all the years I have monitored this blog, I can NEVER remember you investigating a National Member of Parliament in the way that you investigate Labour.

And when we nearly elected a most unsuitable prime minister in 2005 in Don Brash, who was at the forefront of investigations _ not Ian Wishart!!

When Don Brash fell out of view - first as leader of the opposition - then as MP even, where was Ian Wishart? What did he think of all the disgrace, poor ethics, hypocrisy and immorality?

All he could come up with was a patsy interview with the Exclusive Brethren!

Ian - surely you can see that it is your fundamentalist and political colours that overrides what you think of the behaviour of people?:

Coincidentally, your attempted hatchet jobs have been directed at people of 10 times your worth Ian - good politicians like Helen Clark, Annette King (Now No. 2!), David Parker (Now No.2) and I think David Cunliffe (still headed for the top)

Shane Jones has nothing to be concerned about. Nothing whatsoever. What would make us think that Shane Jones will not be an MP when the last issue of Investigate is released.

The Herald has run it. The Sunday tabloids might give it a fling.

Tomorrow's history Ian. Youve cried wolf so often that people take no notice. That is the approach I would take if I were Shane Jones.

Lighten up Ian. Enjoy the World Cup in the Rugby League tonight. YOu seem to be in burnout.


Peter, you've obviously never read The Paradise Conspiracy, nor did you evidently read the June 02 Investigate, just before the election, when I dumped this into the public domain:

Like I said, if the story is significant I'll chase it.

I also note it took TGIF Edition to set the record straight on the Bolger shooting story this week.


But Ian , that was years ago! What has changed?

I know about your personal tiff with Deborah Coddington, it came to light a short time back. From a 3rd party, not National.

Are you just like Maxim Institute seems to be, taking a political/religious position in order to get your advertisers? It is a world wide industry!

You need to refocus now Ian. I repeat, there is no mileage in blowing the Opposition out of the water. We don't care.

I told you quite categorically that this Chinese immigrant story was released by you too late to make any difference to the outcome of the election.

I wonder if it is coincidental that a lot of your anti-Labour campaigns were directed at individuals identified as future Labour leaders

Is this just cynical commercial decision making on your editorial outlook? Do you want a one-party state?

Your relevance is declining fast and it is time for a big re-think Ian and a re-engineering of your attitude. I would love to think we could regard you as a New Zealander to be proud of. More fair-minded, returning to your roots as a journalist we could take seriously.

You are in the advocacy industry right now. Extreme right wing negativity is what you sell.


"You are in the advocacy industry right now. Extreme right wing negativity is what you sell."


Sounds like you'd like Ian W. to be 'assimilated' and become another 'Glove Puppet' Journo wearing 'rose tinted glasses'.

The NZ MSM is 'drowning' in those type automaton type Journos!

No wonder they constantly sweep the 'crap' under the carpet along with their mates in power!


Looks like the MSM is treating it like no big thing. I don't know what's wrong with this country; we're so laid back that no one seems to give a toss about corruption - government or otherwise.

In any other country, the media would have been in an uproar with the story and Jones would have well and truly been tossed out by now.

C'mon Kiwi's! Grow some kind of moral spine!


Oh Fletch .. You think you can tell the MSM what to write .. Ha Ha Ha!!!

Look, a former Cabinet Minister that let in a guy that his department did not like is not hard news.

Roman Catholic dioceses in the US declaring themselves bankrupt because of pedophilia of priest payouts and/or embezzlement by the clergy - now that is news!

Ian has some very difficult decisions to make. Trying to turn NZ into a one-party state by attacking the opposition is a complete waste of time. Do I need to repeat myself?

In a couple of years, people won't even know the Opposition or back benchers (of all parties) by name.

How many abortions have been performed since Election Day fundamentalists? How many kids have been smacked? How many divorces? How many civil unions? Where is all the repeal draft legislation - not in first 100 days, maybe the second 100 days? Ha Ha Ha!!!



" .... pathelogical obsession that you have?"

Look in the mirror.

Ha Ha Ha!!!

"Do I need to repeat myself?"

No, but you do ... ad nausium!

Ha Ha Ha!!!


"...Trying to turn NZ into a one-party state by attacking the opposition is a complete waste of time...."

Labour tried that with the EFA and as a campaign strategy, and The Greens tried it too with ruling out a coalition with National.

"...Oh Fletch .. You think you can tell the MSM what to write .. Ha Ha Ha!!!..."

Yet here you are thinking you can tell TGIF what to write.

What you're suggesting is that no one punishes or investigates the obvious corruption and criminality of the Labour party so that there is an opposition party. Of course, the same criminals that have lied and cheated their way up the Labour ladder are the same that champion your favourite agendas. I don't for a minute think you've forgotten that. New non-criminals entering the Labour party wouldn't suit you at all, would it?

Can we have an end to peter now please? His rantings are dishonest and just mere SPAM. There are better ways to begin discussions. Arguments are never as enlightening or as interesting as real discussion.


The Electoral Finance Act was not trying to turn NZ into a one-party state!

It was an attempt to level the playing field.

It did a very good job. We had much more discussion on contrasting policies this election, although there was room for much more.

But the decision of the major parties to delay areas such as health and education till late in the campaign was to me an admission that these are in the "too hard basket" for both. Improvement here would be appreciated.

I think the result of the election broadly reflected the campaign and status of NZ on its merits.

Phil Goff himself admits the EFA needs work. But I predict that the substance of it will remain unchanged.

In the US, candidates have the option of accepting a fixed fund from the state, or going it alone. That might be a useful model to consider in the future.

What is clear is that we don't want more Don Brash/Exclusive Brethren/Hollow Men etc bringing NZ's electoral system into further disrepute, and prone to such obvious abuses. We cannot have the election being bought and sold.


So, peter, you say this election was on a more level playing field? Finally a **Fair** campaign and NATIONAL WON! Hahaha!

I've been overseas for some time, and was unfortunate enough to hear part of Helen's campaign speech. She blathered on about being "out there" talking to "ordinary NZ'ers" to find out what "they" are thinking. I wished I could tell her... 300,000 'ordinary NZ'ers' TOLD her what they wanted, and she brushed it off her table like so much junk mail. Now she would have us believe they were voted out of office simply because 'ordinary NZ'ers' were bored and wanted a change. WELL maybe 'ordinary NZ'ers' were sick and tired of being bulldozed into social change by corrupt, sleazy, preachy, lying, bossy and self serving people who seemed not to CARE what 'ordinary NZ'ers' want.


peter, if we had the US system where a party could accept limited government funding, OR spend whatever they were able to raise privately (as you seem to be advocating) wouldn't that be the situation we had before the EFA? Labour scavenging off public money, whinging about donations to National from the Exclusive Clubs...
You need to decide which do you really want!


Rob K

No need to go into hysterics over this lot. If you couldn't look at opinion polls 3 months, 2 months, 1 month, and 1 week before this election and work out the likely winner - you would be brain dead.

Being a true New Zealander, I accept changes of government from time to time - and I do nothing to soil the reputation of our country as other political advocates do.

Additionally, I have said that Labour ran a lousy campaign. In fact if you look at the voting outcomes versus early polling, the campaign was almost irrelevant. If you had had no campaign at all the result would have been similar.

I did hear Helen Clark say she was talking to ordinary New Zealanders and moving in Labour Party circles, she may have found strong support. But of course this was nothing to be campaigning on.

There were signs that Labour realised that the election was unwinnable this timee. That is why there was no great drama about the loss.

The National Party, and the Maori Party, and ACT now have to prove that they are lily-white angels that extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists imagine them to be.

Although the number of abortions, civil unions, non-smackings etc are growing every day and there will be no action in the first 100 days of this government!

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