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sabres at dawn? hahaha!


Way to go, Ian! Don't be intimidated by bullies with law degrees.


Lawyers only attempt to intimidate you before publication when they have no chance of suing you for lots of money after you publish.


The threat must have worked. No sign of TGIF in my inbox yet.


No wait here it is...
Thanks, xtra, for your tardy email service.


I am a full-time computer trouble shooter at consumer and small business level, can let me tell you that the sooner you stop using Xtra for email, tbe faster and more reliable you will find your email. Ever since they contracted the service to Yahoo it's been slow and unreliable. Set up a GMAIL account. You can even have it delivered to your favourite email program just like Xtra - except it works and the spam filtering is magnitiudes better.

Steve Taylor

Stick to your guns, Ian - I had the office of the Crown Solicitor (Meredith Connell) come after me when I launched the Psychwatch website - on daring them them to sue me for defamation (truth being an absolute defence), they went away.....

Kind Regards,

Steve Taylor,
Psychwatch NZ


Gosh Ian

Hope for your sake this one has hit target, and is not of the other variety that you come up with from time to time!


I have to agree with peter (eeek).

The link to the National minister is so tenuous that it didn't warrant being part of the hype. Surely this wasn't some misguided attempt to appear balanced? Worth having shares via a family trust was a footnote at best.

As I suspected, and obliquely commented on, the story is way too complicated to be digested by anyone who likes the news bite-sized and calorie free.

Previously I have been annoyed at people having fun at Ian's expense about his "THIS will be the biggest story EVER" headlines, but after this one I have shifted camps.

What next?

Egg with three yolks - subscribe to TGIF!

Bamm Bamm

Well well well.

Lawyers? Satan's own I suspect.
I've never put any faith in the Law, or in Lawyers, or Judges.
Just hollow threats from Hollow people.

Sick it to 'em Ian!



Did you see comments attributable to Bristol Palin? Very honest and personal for one with such a Christian fundamentalist mother!

Ha Ha Ha

james dobson

Ian, it's a letter from a lawyer. So what. This isn't interesting in itself. What next? Upload a letter to you from your council? How about children's school newsletter? You've chosen not to make the details surrounding the letter freely available so I personally don't care. It's a bore Ian, it's irrelevant. Not news. I check this site occasionally for a laugh, keep up the 'good' work.

Ant T

yeah i check it for a laugh too, Ian is a sad case of ...?? he gets all excited at letters like this cos he thinks it means someone is taking him seriously- someone other than crackpots like D4J, that is... :)

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