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Looks great. Ive ordered one.


Yes, Climate Change occurs naturally - as opposed to the non existent 'man made global warming' ... which is a fictitious politically correct idea ...

Danyl Mclauchlan

he has been far more far-ranging in searching the web than anyone else I know.

High praise, particularly coming from 'a scientist'!


As with all my books, dearest Dim, I try and provide footnotes that not only relate to the original source but ideally where one can readily find them online as well.

People seem to like it. Funny that.

It also helps for the e-book edition by making as much source ref as possible hyperlinked.

Of course, I had no show of finding an online reference for the page from Thomas Wright's History of France (Vol 2) from 1859 that I was quoting from in one chapter on the Little Ice Age, but then, beggars can't be choosers.


"The UN, Mikhail Gorbachev, Jacques Chirac, and other world-government wannabes are plotting to establish nothing less than a global, bureaucratic-centralist dictatorship under the pretext that it is necessary to ‘Save The Planet’. Ian Wishart's book demonstrates that there is not the slightest scientific reason for the new, quasi-religious belief that The Planet needs Saving. The new religion is merely an excuse for world government. World government will not, repeat not, be democratic government."


That's exactly right. Along with all their crooked mates running the UN!

Gorbachev is all for wiping out a percentage of World's population to save the Planet!

He's another one of the Filthy Scumbag Members of the Club of Rome!

John Richards

Who's the scientist? Or is that 'scientist'? The book, like everything else you produce, looks like a piece of shite.

Andrew McIntosh

Hi John,

Not sure if you were my previous Manager or not?
Irrespective of whether you were or not, it is saddening to read your ad hominem attack, which comes across as calumnious in nature.

I noted that one of the people commending Ian's new book is Lord Christopher Monckton, who amongst other things put out the following article citing 35 errors in the Al Gore documentary Inconvenient truth.

Instead of exhibiting prejudice why not wait till the book comes out, get one from your library and critique it on the basis of logic and reason?

You might find it to be fertliser for your mind, and not the human waste that you claim it will be?



Yes it is possible that one of these days Ian may surprise or even delight us.

Not so in the latest Investigate. I have my copy but have not read in depth yet.

But Ian - are you REALLY suggesting Helen Clark is to push some conspiracy for WORLD GOVERNMENT?? Ha Ha Ha!!!!

I well recall the time when people pushing theories of World Government were regarded as complete nutcases!

Read this:

So who is in on it this time Ian? The Pope? Putin? Obama? Brown? The Dalai Lama? Letterman? Holmes? Bart Simpson?

Actually I would have thought you might be BACKING big government these days - with the National Led Government leading gullible Aucklanders to their super city!

Rodney Hide no less - the man who more generally would have fought for smaller autonomous units I might have thought.

Big mouth in opposition, stuffed dummy in government, I would suggest?

Back to Helen Clark - I guess you would not have run with this feature unless you thought her a strong enough leader to give it ago. Take it as a compliment Helen.

OF course Investigate is completely irrelevant and overwhelmed in trying to undermine this internationally respected world leader.

She has lifted above the petty tall poppy slashing of NZ now Ian and is on an international stage. She could not give a stuff what you say any more and why should see (if indeed she ever did). You are in the rear vision mirror as a tiny dot.


Interesting view here.


From the above Wikipedia article on New World Order, Rodney Hide should read this:

"In the past, the conspirators were usually said to be crypto-communist sympathizers who were intent upon bringing the United States under a common world government with the Soviet Union, but the dissolution of the USSR in 1991 undercut that theory. So most conspiracy theorists changed their focus to the United Nations as the likely controlling force in a bureaucratic collectivist New World Order ..."

"Empire" theory

"They argue that, since every ruling class, transnational or otherwise, requires its own state to enforce its will ... they will require the creation of a transnational state to efficiently manage imperialistic globalization and enforce the neofeudal rule of the global ruling class.

Nation-states would be demoted to local administrators and enforcers, subordinated to the rule of international institutions. They will probably continue to exist for some time after the complete emergence of Empire, as the division of the working class into different nationalities is far too helpful to the ruling class for them to give it up without a fight. The transnational state would be used to ensure that each nation-state does not get out of line, suppress any kind of popular rebellion, destroy non-state actors that threaten the global ruling class, and generally diffuse any other situation that could threaten the neofeudal rule of the transnational capitalist class (civil wars, failing states, etc.)"

I get it .. who commissioned the study on local government in Auckland - why HELEN CLARK's government of course.

Who ran things for Clark - HEATHER SIMPSON!

Who is about to go to the UN to join Clark - HEATHER SIMPSON!

It must now be apparent that Rodney Hide is pushing a Helen Clark agenda, in ramming through (quite roughshod) Labour's plans for amalgamating NZ local bodies until local and this is just first step toward national becoming one and the same thing. (We are a small insignificant nation remember!)

Renaming North and South Island - How insidious is that? I heard on the radio that once we have Auckland SUPERCITY, there will be virtually nothing to stop the ENTIRE North Island being renamed AUCKLAND .. and then guess what ..

the South Island will logically get the unflattering name SOUTH AUCKLAND!! Keep you in your place Bob Parker!

World government .. here we come. No wonder John Banks is so enthusiastic about the super city and his old ally Helen Clark.

Judith Tizard - are you on standby?



The UN was setup for the very purpose of establishing a World Govt. That's part of it's Charter.

Many people from all political persuasions have called and supported plans for an establishment for a One World Govt. Including Henry Kissinger he was one of the early supporters.

Even Terrorist organisations have supported and backed plans for a One World Govt / New World Order.

Even Libya's Colonel Gadaffi said "He was helping his 'brothers' in Europe to bring about a One World Govt/New World Order.


David Lange was for a One World Government. As I said before. He said. "He thought he was going to be the First World President". He made that reference in a TV interview.

More I find out about David Lange the more I find out what a crook he was!

When Obama makes references to No Nuke weapons. He's basically saying No 'sovereign nations' will have nuke weapons. The UN will have control of them.

It's the same as many higher up members in the International Green movements & Antinuke/disarment peace movements.

They made statements they'd be the only ones with the nuke weapons if they ruled the world and they'd drop them on those who didn't comply.

Its the same with the UN. They'd be the only International Military and Police Force under OWG/NWO regime.


One world government?

I'm siding with the Aliens on this one.

Stupid humans.

Shunda Barunda

"She has lifted above the petty tall poppy slashing of NZ now Ian and is on an international stage."

You are joking, right?
The UN is the universal refuse site for failed, or "past their use by date" politicians the world over.
The last thing these hasbeens should be doing is telling the rest of us what to do.
Hey, maybe Helenstein will be giving NZ its next UN "report card".


Looking forward to reading this book! We're very pleased that someone has taken the time to develop a careful argument critiquing 'climate change'. We find the skeptics view so interesting, but it's never been documented in a single comprehensive place. Good luck!


Congrat Ian - I look forward to reading it.


Is this a fake site taking the piss out Ian? No one could take these book cover quotes seriously.

Otherwise take a night course in science. Any science jeez..


Good on Ian Wishart. It has been so enlightning in reading his book, although still not finished yet. I have come up against some very "anti Ian" people already. I have never heard of him until just recently.
His way of thinking was exactly what I felt myself 2 years ago. My apologies for those out there for me being a political sceptic.


Query, try reading the book. Forming your opinion based on the jacket is the sign of simpleton. May I suggest that members of the UN IPCC and any poltician dumb enough to buy into AGW theory are the ones who need the night course in science. You might want to check the local listings yourself.


Excellent book. At last an antidote to all the global warming crap fed to us for years by the govt.,mainstream media,and other books. Well done, heaps of references too,very professional workmanship. An interesting fact you may like to know is that back in 1980 the first meeting of US scientists latching onto the old Arrhenius CO2 theory was chaired by Al Gore.Call that corruption of science with politics? In a truely masterful piece of politics he cobbled together a fistful of graphs all pointing upward saying we're doomed.Every politicians dream! This works on the 'useful idiots' even though the science is near enough to sheer quackery. Good luck.


NWO, Conspiracy? not at all, just google news and NWO and you will literally be bombarded by leaders around the world announcing they are working towards it, legislating into it, or think its a great concept, try it.
This concept has been around for decades and the first person to put it publically was G H Bush. It has been publically anounced multitudes of times and includes President Obama. The media streams are at your fingertips.
So learn about it and how YOU will be affected by it. Because you will pay CO2 taxes (already part passed in the US) and [pay it to the UN.
Helen Clarks job is to get that money for the UN. I knew this 2 years ago she would be there.
I learnt about the NWO this 20 years ago IN THE UN. It is a global move towards ONE Govt, One Bank, Cashless Society (to tax you all) + no cash jobs (announced in Aust news last week, end in 7 years of cash) and one combined global religeous organisation, Read the news, you will find it.

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