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"Besides CO2 trading is getting a bad name because of Mafia and criminal Underworld interests."???
And don't cite other right wing blogs like this one as proof."

Don't have to.

It's even been mentioned in the Financial Times.

Criminal Underworld and Mafia involvement in Carbon Trading, scamming/Fraud.

Even INTERPOL is having fun trying to trackdown the CO2 Trading and Scamming. Now controlled by the Mafia and various Criminal Underworld Groups.

Carbon Trading is a financial rort. Even Robert Shapiro the former Undersecretary of Commerce from the Former Clinton ADMIN has said so!


Acid - I was sorry to hear about the failure of your onion crop. It brought tears to my eyes.

Ian Wishart

You're layering on the humour too thick, Peter. Peel back on the puns, KO?


No there is a clear difference between spending money to better understand how our climate works and what Acid has alledged.

Another hilariously bad SPPI 'report' though (although I acknowledge that you're only referring to the appendices)

Thomas Everth

Ian: Criminals will exploit anything they can. Because crims steal cars you don't abolish driving..

And as far as expenses on climate science and research goes you are citing a fellow denier's polemic as your source (Joanne Nova). Her report ropes all sorts of government spending into one large pot. But even if her accounting was right and accumulated over 20 years the US spend $68 billion in R&D (much of it on new energy technology), about $3 Billion per year on average or US$7.50 per year for each US citizen - a BigMac Meal, this is a tiny pittance compared to the Trillions spend just in the last year alone to bail out the 'Free Market' on Wall Street... and a mere pittance also when compared to the accumulated billions in tax breaks awarded to the Oil and Gas industry over the past decades, tax breaks to an industry where just one company Exxon reported $45 Billion in Profits just in one year (2008).

I also wonder why you are so upset with money being spend on climate research? Seeing that you are not happy with the results science has brought up so far on the matter, more research should be in your interest?


As I can saying, free market fans should be in favour of studying climate and the effects of carbon so that a significant market failure can be corrected, and we can all stop subsidising polluters. Don't these people always argue for 'user-pays' and 'letting the true costs determine supply and demand' etc etc? Why the rank hypocrisy on this issue? It's almost like they want us to get......pickled.


"It's almost like they want us to get......pickled."

Only in your dreams. It's a fallacy we're not going to be pickled. Stop living in a world of Fantasyland Pseudo Science Computer models.

And to Peter.

The point is. Unlike all the gross exaggerations, doomsaying and falsifications coming out the UN IPCC and the rest of the UN Political controlled Climate Alarmist ilk.

Many Food Crops are more sensitive to temperature drops. Not the CLimate Change Alarmist Propaganda of we're all going to be doomed by a socalled increase of a socalled 2C-4C. Real or imagined.

There's been a number of slow maturing Food crops and crop failures in the northern Hemisphere due to unseasonnally cold spring and summer Conditions. Some Farmers in North America haven't even bother to plant autumn food crops because it's been too cold.

So Food shortages are likely to get worse with overall colder than warmer conditions!

Malcolm Roberts

Fabulous. I read it last weekend. Very well written and packed with meaningful information. Very easy to read. A pleasure to read.

Covers the politics and the science accurately.

Thoroughly enjoyed it. Pretty effective for a kiwi, mate.

Tina Gillard

Hope Al Gore has a copy! I watch alot of fox news and sense that NZ is taking a bit longer to realise the stupidity of Global Warming, and the big bucks to be made from it. Let's hope John Key reads it before he sox us with all this tax. The nievety of JK on this whole matter astounds me.
Thanks for writing this book, you may just have saved the planet with such wise words!


Ok, I start by saying that I tend to believe what ALL major international science institutes are telling us. I see no global conspiracy. The science of co2 is really not that controversial.

World Government - why is that a bad thing? - beyond the initial knee-jerk "I dont want someone over THERE telling me what to do" - so shall we just have wars instead? Oceans and atmosphere know no borders, so it makes logical sense to have a level of government to deal with certain issues.

"you will pay CO2 taxes" - nah ... lets just make the 3rd world pay them :-( ... DUH, of course you will pay, and that is good. Nobody said the transformation to low CO2 would be free.

Put your tin foil hat away & just get over it.

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