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Farmer Baby Booner

Would no surprise me if you are right. The internet has made it harder for governments and large coorporates to control the information that influences public opinion.


Of interest.

Will bill give Obama control of Internet?
Proposed new powers called 'drastic federal intervention'


Given it is France we are talking about, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

Adolf Fiinkensein

Acid beat me to it.


"In other words, this law is not about internet piracy at all, but about establishing infrastructure and legal precedent for control of access to information for as yet unspecified reasons."
Just one thing is absolutely certain: Sooner or later it WILL happen.
I can't imagine the Brit government, for example letting the situation where a blogger (Guido Fawkes) is able to force the resignation of a Labour spin-doctor go unanswered. Governments don't like information being beyond their control.


Of course governments want to set up laws and infrastructure to control the media and the flow of information.
That is the key to public perception and gullible people.
Perception is everything to idiots and lazy thinkers as substance requires thought and effort, something they won't do.
Hence the rise of the Internet.


Yes MikeNZ. Lazy journalists have their market with lazy thinkers and the gullible. A bit like evangelical preachers really. Hence the rise of the Internet (and the growth of agnostic organisations)

Shunda Barunda

No peter, its lazy thinkers like Dawkins that make stupid statements like "religion is the cause of all wars" that appeals to more stupid, even more lazy thinkers.
Dawkins may have a V8 brain, but like a V8, it dosen't have to tick over very fast to go somewhere.


Leave Dawkins out of it - or I will Jihad you.

I would be Curious if Ian would investigate Pirate bay, and other rip sites that are being 'attacked' while in the 'international waters' of the Internet ocean.

I am musing setting up Antarctica as a Pirate site.

Just need some fibre long enough ...


Conspiracy...or perhaps this is the last chance copyright holders have to attempt to strike fair in the hearts of copyright violators. My university has for years threatened to cut off any student's Internet plan who is caught transferring information illegally, it's not a knew thing. And if it makes sense in this setting, it probably make sense in the wider world, despite the violation of basic rights..

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