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They don't bother to take note of the fact the Glaciers in parts of Alaska have grown for the first time in nearly 200 years recently though do they.

Plus the amazing rapid regrowth of Arctic Sea-Ice in recent years after a summer melt. From memory about 64,000 square KMs regrow back after one such melt. This was considered 'stunning' amongst members in the scientific Community. It wasn't supposed to happen!

They don't take into account for the last couple of Antarctic Seasons. They've had to bring in extra Ice-breakers because of the record levels of sea-ice down there!

Found it laughable in early March when there was a news item on TV1 about an aerial photographic survey of snow coverage on the ranges, etc in the South Island. They were prattling on about it was 'supposedly' the worst summer snow melt loss.

The very next day for the next 4 days it was snowing down to 400-500metres in Canterbury, Otago & Southland!


I'm ready to call it: Wishart wins by a knockout in the second round, Hot Topic blog down for the count, and I predict their followers will now make all sorts of excuses as to why Gareth, who picked the fight, should now run away and refuse to debate further..anyone wanna take a wager?


You know what scares me?

The fact that Gareth made such a bald statement about vanishing Arctic sea ice, when Ian was able to put up that NSIDC graph showing the opposite.

How can Hot Topic get away with such blatant dishonesty, or is it just that they don't research things very well, like Ian suggests?


Well, well well. The baying of Tim and others suggesting I'd failed to fully address Truffle's concerns appears to have abated.

Yes, Alex, I couldn't believe Gareth tried to convince people Arctic ice is vanishing.

My take on it is that Hot Topic is drawing on filtered analysis via RealClimate, ClimateProgress and other global warming belief sites, and regurgitating that material.

In contrast, Air Con draws on the latest scientific data, not just documents from lobby organisations.

And my overall point about Air Con, now proven I guess, is that it truly is the most up-to-date precis of the global warming debate available in the world at this time.


I do believe Gareth has already replied on his own blog.


I see TV3 finally lost it's impartiality and become a recruiter for the big fraud Al Gore, re Campbell live tonight.

MSM just love's to push sensationalist tripe!

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