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Hi maksimovich

I looked at your link on Svante Arrhenius.

Yes towards the end of his life he started making mischief. Seems a bit like the late career work of Roy W Spencer to me. Thanks for reporting the similarity here!

David W .. well spotted re Carbon isotope. Maksy .. take care with this kind of data wont you


"He is so wrong about intelligent design that it is hard to take him seriously on climate change."

So, Peter, you don't take something someone says on it's own merits and investigate whether it is correct or not, you judge them on what they think about other topics.

This is reflected very clearly in what you post on this site: it doesn't matter what Ian posts or writes, you will disagree with him on *any* subject because you don't like his other views.

Have I ever seen you agree with anything he's ever said? Ian could say the sky was blue and you'd argue it was some other color (and try and find evidence to back it up, too).

Why don't you just make a statement - 'Ian, I don't agree with anything you've ever said, or ever will say' and that will about cover it :)

Oh, and I play guitar in a church band, so you can't take anything I say seriously, either..


Fletch I suspect you might be right... :-)

Let's hope our politicians read Air Con, not listen to this guy:

I figure he wants little NZ to pay for these carbon sequestering machines (unless there's a misprint) one for every 20 cars in NZ. That's 100,000 units at about $20,000 each. That's two billion dollars! Just to clean up the cars' CO2! Peter you'd better get ready to open your wallet, if these crazy scenarios happen!

BTW this guy reckons its too late any way. CO2 will increase out of control.

So we might as well just eat, drink and be merry! That should please a lot of people ;-)


Peter is a homosexual all hung up on Christianity, that's all.

John Boy

I just had a week in HK & Macau. 35 degrees at times and great to be warm although the smog sucks. Now home, freezing and watching the veggie garden and chickens sag under the weight of the cold and rain. You can keep the cold, another couple of degrees warmer this far south would be fantastic but I suspect I'm not going to see it. This is being driven by politics I reckon and that inevitably makes me doubt the official line being spun. I think Ian's book is a correct common sense summary of the facts as we know them. He's certainly not alone and the view is supported in Bjorn Lomborg's book "Cool It".


david w

Here is your quote

And while we're at it, if most of the new CO2 is coming from the ocean, how is it that both the atmosphere and the ocean have decreasing 13C:14C ratios?

I observed that we cannot use 14c due to bomb contamination,you mentioned it. Or are you just telling us you do not have the slightest understanding on radioiostopes which is patently obviuos

If you are to extrapolate the Suess effect(14c/12c) to the ocean and biogenic cycling that is not tenable.

david w

I observed that we cannot use 14c due to bomb contamination,you mentioned it. Or are you just telling us you do not have the slightest understanding on radioiostopes which is patently obviuos

Having passed sixth form chemistry I'm quite happy with isotopes, I wrote 13C:14C when I meant 13C to good old 12C. (FWIW, before the bombs went off the 14C ratio was on the way down)

What I meant was if atmospheric increases in CO2 came from ocean degassing (which is Ian's idea) why is 13C being (relatively) depleted in the ocean too? Has something about ocean chemistry changed in the last 100 years? Or is it perhaps that carbon fixed by plants, and therefore depleted in 13C, has been added to the atmosphere then dissolved into the ocean?

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