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Good timing Ian!

We have news of a particular warm May 2009 to share with you!


I'm sorry Peter, did you mean this NOAA report:

"NOAA proclaimed May 2009 to be the 4th warmest for the globe in 130 years of record keeping. Meanwhile NASA UAH MSU satellite assessment showed it was the 15th coldest May in the 31 years of its record. This divergence is not new and has been growing. Just a year ago, NOAA proclaimed June 2008 to be the 8th warmest for the globe in 129 years of record keeping. Meanwhile NASA satellites showed it was the 9th coldest June in the 30 years of its record.

"We have noted in the last year that NOAA has often become the warmest of the 5 major data sets in their monthly global anomalies. They were second place until they introduced a new ocean data set to be discussed later..."

It's unlike you to be listening to NOAA preach about rising sea levels and a coming flood, what's come over you Pete?



In your linked article:

"Arctic sea ice covered an average of 5.17 million square miles during May. This is 1.6 percent less than the 1979-2000 average extent. By contrast, Antarctic sea ice extent in May was 6.6 percent above the 1979-2000 average. Since 1979, May Arctic sea ice extent has decreased by 2.5 percent per decade, while May Antarctic sea ice extent has increased by 2.1 percent per decade during the same period. "

Can you tell me if a 2.5% decrease in Arctic ice is greater or less than a 2.1% increase in Antarctic ice? Does not sound like there is an overall reduction in ice according to your own post!



You might have passed the literacy at school, but your numeracy is sadly lacking.

You claim a nett change of .4% based on -2.5% in the Arctic and +2.1% in Antarctica!

I can elaborate if you do not believe me, but you need to know the volumes of ice in each polar region to do the maths.


Oh Ian etc

The story is much the same everywhere I look:,1518,631262,00.html

Sadly for you guys, the title is:

"New Report Says World Is Warming Faster than Thought"


"Sadly for you guys, the title is:

"New Report Says World Is Warming Faster than Thought""


We've heard all the sensationlism. Most of these reports are based on 'pretend' Computer Models!

Anyway Peter. If it turns out to be true. Reducing Human CO2 emissions by 50% isn't going to do diddly squat to the equation anyway!

Only people like Al Gore and his crooked cronie mates will benefit from all the Carbon credit tax scheme scams. Since he owns and has his finger in the pie of a number of them. Along with his mate Obama who also has investments in them!



"You might have passed the literacy at school, but your numeracy is sadly lacking.

You claim a nett change of .4% based on -2.5% in the Arctic and +2.1% in Antarctica!"

Despite all the Arctic Sensationalist doom. Parts of the Arctic are still frozen. Poor Freezing Polar Bears. Churchill is the Polar Bear Capital of the World. They might find it hard breeding and hunting for food this summer!

Big chill in Churchill Winter grips 90 per cent of north, migratory birds can't breed

It is the winter that refuses to go away in northern Manitoba and most of the eastern Arctic.
Prolonged cold snowy conditions in the Hudson Bay area are expected to obliterate the breeding season for migratory birds and most other species of wildlife this year.

According to Environment Canada, the spring of 2009 is record-late in the eastern Arctic with virtually 100 per cent snow cover from James Bay north as of June 11.

May temperatures in northern Manitoba were almost four degrees C below the long-term average of -0.7, and in early June, temperatures averaged three degrees below normal.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration images confirm snow and ice blanket all of northern Manitoba, part of northern Ontario and almost all of the eastern Arctic as of June 12. U.S. arieal flight surveys confirm the eastern Arctic has no sign of spring so far.

"I have lived in Churchill since the 1950s, and this the latest spring I have ever seen here," said local resident Pat Penwarden. "The spring of 1962 was almost this bad."

Six-foot snowdrifts blocked Churchill-area roads. A thick blanket of snow, in places three- and four-feet deep, coated 90 per cent of the local taiga in northern Manitoba. Ecotourists, who normally flock to northern Manitoba every June to see birds and other wildlife, cancelled their plans this June "in droves," according to local ecotourist specialists. Snowy conditions are largely to blame.


Peter, Peter, Peter,

You say:
"You might have passed the literacy at school, but your numeracy is sadly lacking.

You claim a nett change of .4% based on -2.5% in the Arctic and +2.1% in Antarctica!"

Can you show me: where did I claim "a nett change of .4%"??? I DID NOT.

Before you denigrate my numeracy, your logic needs a bit of a brush up!

I will spell it out:

What I actually said was:
"Can you tell me if a 2.5% decrease in Arctic ice is greater or less than a 2.1% increase in Antarctic ice? Does not sound like there is an overall reduction in ice according to your own post!"

So if you actually read it you will see I was implying that a 2.1% increase in Antarctic ice would outweigh a 2.5% decrease in Arctic ice. I suspect this represents a NETT GAIN in worldwide ice (at the poles, anyway), thus there is no evidence for a large raising of the oceans... OK?


Tell me Acid Comments, was there any improvement in the weather in Churchill over the weekend? What is the weather forecast like for them for this week. Should they wear thermal underwear on Thursday?

Ha Ha Ha !!!


Of interest:

A critique on the recent US Global Climate Change Report.

By SF Environmental Policy Examiner Thomas Fuller.

Global warming, hallelujah

This week has seen once again the triumph of passion and belief over science and evidence. It marks a retreat from discovery and part of a slow march towards misplaced trust. It has not been a good week for science. I am trying to comfort myself with the thought that the relationship between science and its enemies works like a pendulum, and this has just been a bad week.

The release of the report, Global Climate Change Impacts in the United States, should have helped advance the cause of science. After all, it calls itself a State of Knowledge Report from the U.S. Global Change Research Program. However, a week's worth of review has revealed the document to be more of a religious tract aimed at comforting the comfortable and afflicting the already afflicted. See here, here, here and here for my previous reports.

The report says that we know things that in fact we do not know. It claims to see a future that in fact we cannot see. It claims to be reviewed by peers to increase its trustworthiness. In fact, many of the publications cited were works of the report's authors. Some of the work is not at all peer-reviewed, despite the claims of the report.


you were right, Peter, it was good timing, as Air Con is now outselling Al Gore's Inconvenient Truth on the Amazon charts.

As of 8pm tonight:

Air Con by Ian Wishart, #16,366 on Amazon US

An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore, #21,692

The Global Deal by Nicholas Stern, #35,104

Heaven & Earth by Ian Plimer, #59,652

Hell and High Water by Joe Romm of ClimateProgress, #113,490

Sadly, Truffle's book Hot Topic didn't make the top two million.


Congratulations Ian. Only 16,355 books are selling better, is that right?

As for the Al Gore book, has he released a new edition or something? I would have thought everyone who wanted to own it would own it already.

Shunda Barunda

"Sadly, Truffle's book Hot Topic didn't make the top two million."

I have been trying to get some of the greenies on Frog blog to read 'Air Con' but they seem a little terrified of what they might read.
They have been quoting Truffle hunter in a desperate attempt to justify their actions.
You really are a very bad fundamentalist, neo-con man Mr Wishart, for causing such a fuss.


When the Power company's are not just over charging you, but dictating when you use power and how much you use through their smart grid technology, will man made warming believers feel like your part of a team? Or will you wake up and realize that you are being inserted into a control grid that at some point you will not escape, this is not about saving the planet, this is about the end of freedom, and the beginning of total tyranny.
You will learn the hard way.
I hope you like your future green jobs micro managing other people, while they micro manage you.


I meant they not your.


"Air Con goes global" says Ian - while on another thread warning about the dangers of stronger governance from the United Nations!

Ian - shouldn't you be putting books for sale in overseas countries through shipping companies?

Perhaps you could hire the Spirit of NZ if you thought sailing ships were the way to go. Great PR too!


Will AIR CON have a different cover in US/UK? The current one is pretty local to NZ/Aussie


Ian and almost everyone else in this forum..

It must be frustrating for you to find skeptics getting no traction.

As I was reading though, - Arctic is melting, glaciers are retreating, average sea levels are rising, temperatures have risen significantly in the past few decades and in the past century, and we have pumped massive amounts of CO2 from fossil sources into the atmosphere in the past century, leading to much higher concentrations than previously, and we have altered the surface of the earth - farming, urban development, deforestation. We have destroyed much natural habitat, degraded even more, polluted the biosphere in dozens of ways - there is only minor dischord in the scientific community

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