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Come in Peter.


Great development !


Thanks Dan, don't mind if I do!

Just finished "Poles Apart" by Gareth Morgan and John McCrystal and recommend it to one and all. Also a couple of links for you:

There we have it from Gareth I and Gareth II!


Great. I know that National's ETS is better than Labour's, but we're all still going to be hit in the pocket, on already very expensive power bills, and for something where the proof is dubious, at best.


Of interest:

Why Tea Party Rage? Maybe It's Morons Spending $18 Trillion To Reduce Potential Sea Levels By One-Half Inch!
Download PDF here. Millions are upset, and spending like a drunken sailor is the root cause. Why any politician would ever consider spending trillions (not billions) on policies based on flimsy science, which will accomplish so little is beyond comprehension. (click image to enlarge)

Experts Confirm Alaska Has Experienced Century-Long Cool & Warm Periods; Solar Is Cause of Alternating Alaskan Cold/Warm
Read here. Study findings indicate solar causes of Medieval Warming period and Dark Ages.

Advanced Research Confirms Past Arctic Hot Periods; Experts Unsure Why Current Warming Not As Hot As Previous Periods
Read here. Recent Arctic warming unusual in how mild warming has actually been compared to past.


This is of interest:

Look at NZ. It appears we don't register much apart from the lower SI.

Some preliminary results from GOSAT – CO2 hot spots in interesting places

Note that the areas with the most concentration of methane are in China, Middle East, Southern Europe, and Africa.

The real surprise comes from the GOSAT CO2 data analysis. This first global CO2 map released from GOSAT is shown below:

While this is just a short data set comprising a few days from April 20-28th 2009, it does show some surprising features for hotspots of CO2 in the atmosphere over many of the same areas methane had higher concentrations. One difference is that some spots in the Eastern USA, presumably the larger cities, show CO2 hotspots also. From looking at the large CO2 map, it appears Atlanta, Charlotte, and NYC are the three cities in the USA with higher CO2 concentrations.

However, China, India, Southern Europe, the Mideast and Africa have the majority of the CO2 hotspots.


Acid - interesting posts, thanks



"Just finished "Poles Apart" by Gareth Morgan "

OK. What does Gareth say about Takuu? Does he say it is being inundated because of global warming / climate change?


Morgan and McCrystal do not discuss Takuu. But it is an alarming case. It seems tectonic forces were not involved in the flooding.


Of course the sea level cannot rise more in one place (Takuu) than in any other place other than temporary rises due to tides, low pressure zones (or maybe gravitational anomalies!)

Gareth's book will forever remain associated with Takuu in many minds, as the images used to promote his book by 'Sunday' on TV shamelessly used Takuu's flooding as proof of sea level rise owing to AGW. I have heard no denial from Gareth.


More on the North East Passage. Some pretty pictures for you all!


Of interest:

This guy nearly made it through the NE passage in 1878, without icebreakers and without satellite photos showing the gaps!

What a beat up Peter :-)

A) Has the climate warmed? Maybe
B) Did mankind cause warming? Most likely a somewhat less than miniscule effect


Of interest:

Climate Modelers Are Still Clueless On Water Vapor: New Study Admits Almost Total Ignorance of Water Vapor Science
Read here. As water vapor is the overwhelming dominant greenhouse gas, climate modelers and climate scientists are just starting to research water vapor's process and impact. Another reason why climate models are so unsuccessful at climate predictions.


Also of interest:

It would appear Arctic sea-ice extent for this time of the year is tracking close to 2005 levels.

The latest value : 5,480,781 km2 (September 26, 2009)



What are you talking about. That guy in 1878 was iced in over winter. Icebreakers were necessary over subsequent years. Latest voyage was made without icebreaker. There is your trend!

Acid .. very interesting to see comparison of 2009 with 2005. Like most fundamentalists, you have no concept of trends or larger time periods.

Acid .. not sure where you are, but I believe there were huge thunderstorms up north this afternoon and evening. How's the forecast for tomorrow?


"Acid .. very interesting to see comparison of 2009 with 2005. Like most fundamentalists, you have no concept of trends or larger time periods."

Actually Peter.

The long term treads predicted by fantasy computer models are grossly inaccurate. Besides historic data shows the Arctic region went through melt phases bigger than what we've had in recent years.

BTW: If you read some newspaper arcticles from the 1920s and 30s. They published very similar doomsaying headlines and stories as what the MSM does today about melting Arctic ice and receding glaciers.

In 1893 Norwegian Explorer Fridjtof Nansen found the Arctic Ice free enough to kayak to 82 degrees North. In 2008 Lewis Gordon Pugh kayaked to 80.5 degrees North before he had to be rescued because of thick ice.



"What are you talking about. That guy in 1878 was iced in over winter. Icebreakers were necessary over subsequent years. Latest voyage was made without icebreaker. There is your trend!"

What are you talking about! I pointed out he (read my lips) nearly made it through, unassisted by icebreakers or satellite navigation!

Think, man. If he had satellite photos at his disposal, it seems very likely he would have got through quicker, without getting stuck in the ice for the winter. Back in the 19th century!

Man you need to read people's posts more thoroughly, and use your own grey matter... :-)

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