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Sounds suspiciously like a another drowning tragedy, being so close to home and in a drain.

An abduction would have most like transported the child further away I think.

Whatever, this is a very tragic event and a sad evening for us all.


Very sad news. RIP


i would say the little wont go there herself but if she was seen by that asian lady why doesnt she come up and tell the media that she did talk to her.That means she did something to her i guess. IF SHE WAS HONEST ENOUGH SHE WOULD COME UP .


The police have said that "misadventure" is seen as the most likely cause, not foul play.

However, now that the "drain" has been clarified as being a stormwater system, accessible most obviously by nearby manhole with heavy cover - there is some debate.

This case is likely to attract a lot of attention for some time yet. So often with type of case, the outcome is conclusive. How do you prove whether Aisling was put in the stormwater system, or if she somehow found her own way there?

Was the access point indicated by the "ajar" manhole cover, or was access gained some other way.

The manhole cover was apparently visible to one and all. Would an abductor run the risk of trying to drop a youngster in at that point.

I really hope something conclusive comes out of all this. I'm not holding my breath though.

The difficulty too is trying to scope what a 2-year might try - it is an age where they love to take off on you. Its a risky time.


Sounds like it was a dodgy manhole cover:

And for John Boy, and anyone else who believes in prophecy or miracles, this might be the proof you are looking for:

I am still leaning toward the misadventure explanation.


Result of post mortem:

Confirmation that this was death by drowning.

Implication that this (like many drownings and especially this age group) was an accident. Looks like police involvement scaling down.


Interesting to revisit this well known case, where Auckland City Council ended up taking the rap for a drowning.

Circumstances different, but it does show that city councils need to take hazards under their control seriously.


Just as night follows day:

Yes, the legal angle is being explored.

The difficulty may be that noone knows for sure how the cover was removed, whether it was totally removed or partially removed when Aisling approached the manhole, and whether an unknown person replaced the cover fully or partially after the tragedy.

Also, there is the defence argument about parental responsibility, unpleasant though the question is. From your photographs Ian, it is not clear what fencing is around these houses. If Aisling had not encountered the manhole, was she vulnerable to getting hit by a car or other hazards?

Having said that, it does sound as though this manhole was an accident waiting to happen - hence the complaints I suppose?


And for John Boy, and anyone else who believes in prophecy or miracles, this might be the proof you are looking for:

Peter, not sure what you think this article proves, unless it is further proof, if proof were needed, that psychics are liars.

Webber did not say the girl was in a drain, she said a ditch. there is quite a difference.

What's the difference between a psychic and a politician? A pyschic knows when they're lying.


"Having said that, it does sound as though this manhole was an accident waiting to happen"

True enough. In the old day the locals would probably have chucked something over the hole to make it safer whilst waiting for the manhole issue to go through a full council meeting.

That said, in Tonga (for example) you actually have to keep your eyes open as you walk on footpaths, as there are holes aplenty. You get used to looking after yourself, over there.

I saw young kids riding 'death trap' bikes down steep inclines with no brakes and a half coconut shell for a seat (which regularly slipped off) - doesn't bear thinking about!



Webber did not too bad in referring to a storm water drain as a ditch or hole.

Quite prophetic.

I suppose we should look at all the definitions of ditch and hole, in a similar way to the creationists when they bend the meaning of 6 days!!

But it is true that she fell down a hole. A manhole is surely a kind of hole?

As for a ditch, well this narrow pipe feeds directly into a creek. If it were not for the willow roots she might have got that far.

I would say this prophesy was more accurate than religious prophesy. And it was not as if she could personally fulfil the prophesy, and she could not fudge what she originally said.



I'd have thought you's be baying for this woman's arrest as she is obviously guilty - who else would know so much information? She could not be getting this information from an 'unscientific' source, could she?

You're not being at all consistant.


I am only pointing out thar her prophesy is as good as anyone elses! In fact it is better than religious prophecy for the stated reasons!

In fact the body was being dug up while some church service was being held one week after Aisling disappeared.

I have not heard of any church representative that could provide such practical advice as this woman Webber.

Of course I know she was only guessing, as far as I know she had no inside knowledge at that stage.

I have never said that anyone should be arrested for guessing the future, "faith healing", spoon bending, playing Santa, or preaching on street corners.

Pass the tarot cards, will you Robk?




Account Deleted

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