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Of Interest:

The Maldives President pulled this pathetic publicity stunt highlighting supposed sea levels rises. Another way for them to try and screw aid money from the West.

Maldives Islands should be far more concerned with threats from Tsunamis.

Maldives’ president all wet on sea level

On Oct. 17, Mohamed Nasheed, president of the Maldives, an island country off the coast of India, held a meeting of his Cabinet underwater to dramatize the risks he says his country faces from rising sea levels caused by global warming. Yesterday, Swedish scientist Nils-Axel Mörner, a specialist in sea level changes, wrote Mr. Nasheed the following letter:

October 20, 2009

To: President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives

From: Nils-Axel Mörner, Stockholm, Sweden

Mr. President,

You have recently held an undersea Cabinet meeting to raise awareness of the idea that global sea level is rising and hence threatens to drown the Maldives. This proposition is not founded in observational facts and true scientific judgments.

Therefore, I am most surprised at your action and must protest its intended message.

In 2001, when our research group found overwhelming evidence that sea level was by no means in a rising mode in the Maldives, but had remained quite stable for the last 30 years, I thought it would not be respectful to the fine people of the Maldives if I were to return home and present our results in international fora. Therefore, I announced this happy news during an interview for your local TV station. However, your predecessor as president censored and stopped the broadcast.

John Boy

I picked up my copy from my local book seller yesterday and found the "about the author" bit enlightening (although I did not expect the guy to be a fraud). He appears very credible and - gasp! - he's won a humanist award Peter. Shit oh dear, the darned turncoat. You better set your greenies onto him to sort out his thinking. The truth will get out and then where will you misguided people be? I suspect hung out to freeze dry in a cold endless winter sun.


It's all go now. Anthony Watts has taken on Gareth over the 10-10 video and even provided a link back to this URL.

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