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There is no moral argument that will support this theft. It is nothing more than cronyism. A matter of principle and therefore nothing else, no other argument, (ie the ones you have raised above and that seem pretty facile to me anyway), matters.

As for Maori TV, it is a racist and welfarist farce. Once again, pure principle. No way should NZ families have to struggle to pay tax so scum National and Labour politicians can curry favour with racists, cronyists and parasites.

It does not matter how good the programming is, or how many people watch it. If you say this gross misuse of taxpayer funds is somehow justified, then any excess is justified.


Um it could be contrary to New Zealand's international trade commitments to grant national treatment to foreign owned broadcasters. In other words, no special subsidies for New Zealand owned broadcasters that other broadcasters could not get purely because of their ownership.

Oh and it isn't "commercial".

No true business is "commercial" when it can force taxpayers to pay for its "business decisions". TVNZ has been financially self sufficient since the break up of BCNZ in the late 1980s.


Yes and no. I take your point about TVNZ's prima facie self-sustainability, but as a former TVNZ employee and also the author of "Beating Big Brother" on the TV licence fee, I would add that licence fees and ongoing NZ on Air payments provided a substantial subsidy to the state broadcaster...
Steve Joyce, in his RadioWorks days, benefitted from the TAB's rescue of Radio Pacific by heavily investing in transmission infrastructure in return for a committment to broadcast racing, so there is precedent for this kind of public/private partnership.
Like I said, I'm not fussed one way or the other, but I think to demonstrate that the TPK underwrite is wrong one first needs to demonstrate that promoting Maori culture via broadcasting to a captive audience is either a) outside TPK's jurisdiction or b) not going to be achievable.
Government agencies spend millions of dollars every day in the private sector to achieve various aims or fulfil various contracts. The fact that this one is a broadcaster is irrelevant, isn't it?
This argument is independent of the wider issue of whether broadcasters should be state-funded or not.



You are not being politically incorrect - surely you are being politically correct in backing Maori TV.

You make some strong arguments.

Maori TV has done a splendid job with Waitangi Day - real commitment there. They are ideally placed to make a central feature of the Rugby World Cup.

As for Redbaiter, he has been consuming more Lemon Juice than AcidComments!!
I wonder if Redbaiter even wants us to be hosting the World Cup?

I am also reminded that for many years, strong and successful Maori participation in this sport has been a matter of considerable pride.

Ian, it would be interesting to see what other material you can find about the case. It looks like Pita Sharples is to get a rap over the knuckles, but was it deserved?


"As for Redbaiter, he has been consuming more Lemon Juice than AcidComments!!
I wonder if Redbaiter even wants us to be hosting the World Cup?"


I'm pretty much in agreement with Redbaiter here.

I've seen the cronyism and appalling gross waste of money thrown at the trough of Maori elite firsthand when I was living in Hamilton.



I am backing Ian for his principled and well-supported case. We need to see more of this. At your level also.

I don't care what you saw in Hamilton, Maori TV is a good outfit up in Auckland. Give them the job to do and they will do it, winning more Maori (and potentially non-Maori) audience in doing so.

They are the only state channel peforming a credible level of public good now (relating to size of organisation). They need not stop here.


'They are the only state channel peforming a credible level of public good now'

If this bunch of racist parasites wants to do "public good", then let them do it with their own damn money.

(Leaving aside for now the issue of whether television is ever a "public good".)


Redbaiter -

Why should they use their own money when they have taxpaying backers like yourself - assuming you have a job.

Are you one of those guys that thinks you are an island - and that community is a figment of the imagination?

If so you will find plenty of Brethren in this forum.

Ha Ha Ha!!!


This is turning delightfully messy now!

The bottom line is that initially TV1 said "Not Interested".

It has taken the pro-activity of Maori Television to awaken the sleeping giant.

Now we have state broadcaster versus state broadcaster, involved in an auction involving taxpayer funds.

The role of John Key and Bill English through all fo this must be questioned. Not to mention Jonathan Coleman who we recall from the Tobacco case.



Time for some heads to roll in the Government, don't you think?

Have you got the Investigate team working on this one?

Names mentioned in the above link, surprise surprise - include:

Gerry Brownlee (World Cup Minister and caucus heavyweight),

Murray McCully (who else where the spin is on?),

Bill English (a nose for man-traps!)

Dr Jonathan Coleman (Broadcasting Minister, and a doctor with an interesting attitude to smoking!)

Ian - a perfect quartet! You'd never have guessed would you.

All you SOCIALISM fans: Can't you see this is taking it all to a new level - the National Party brand of Socialistm - COMPETITION among STATE-FUNDED enterprises!!!

What is this one called - Maori-Television-Gate?

Its been set up for you Ian. Pita Sharples and Jim Mather are playing the National Party hierarchy like a well-tuned violin.

Ian - Your first posting was COMPLETELY valid. Little did you know I guess. But this isssue, unlike the Sarah Palin one, you have called well!!!


Look what has happened now:

The bid is to be LED by Maori Television, with subcontracting to TV1, TV3.

Does this mean live coverage for Maori Television, and delayed coverage and highlights packages for the other. It should mean exactly that. Because if it does not, then Pita Sharples should again complain.

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