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C Higley

Where can the hacked files be found?


I'm going to assume this was all made up by someone. It's the only safe thing to do.

Adolf Fiinkensein

It was only a matter time before someone stuck a knife into the bloated viscera that is the climate change community and allow the whole stinking load of rotted guts to spill out for all the world to see.

Shane Ponting

Ian I'd love a copy, and yes I admit, I want to push it onto the major P2P networks to ensure it stays available to all. Email me if you are willing to make it available to me. Thanks

Ian Wishart

It's 62 mb in size, too big to email. If you have an FTP site I could upload to it.

Shane Ponting

How about a rapidshare upload? Then flick me the rapidshare link, I'll dl it and then you can delete it or keep it there for others...


Looks like the beginning of the crash-and-burn finale of the entire AGW scam - just in time for Copenhagen. Good job. The politicians can run for cover now.


its on The Pirate Bay now:

Mandy Kelly

Dream on morons. No wonder real scientists do everything they can to silence you idiots, you think you can swamp facts with the quantity of garbage you spew about, and none of you would understand any of the papers you're talking about anyway. All the lies you fervently believe were put about by the oil industry, or didn't you know that? Suckers.


Easy to check is it is the truth: Google all the email adresses. I did the first two and they pan out. These guys are in shuch big Sh!t


Oh crap George bush is to blame, can't you see he has his thermostat way down and it's effecting the climate. On a serious note: the weather in Sarasota Florida is the best it's been since I've lived here (1988) the water quality of the gulf is also the best.

Eduardo in Argentina

It is also in:

Quoting Hamlet, "Something is rotten in Demark" --in December more than ever!


Mandy Kelly: why so upset? i understand you are disappointed that those you believed in so strongly have been misleading you. its just time to re-evaluate your faith in government, that's all. you obviously don't believe everything you read, and that's a great start!


Worth a look:

Ryan O'Connor

has anyone interviewed these professors?

Bamm Bamm

Ochen interestniya! Kakia pogoda v Moskva? Bolshoi spasiba! :-)

Actually, finally the FSB has done something which the CIA, NSA and GCSB won't do because they are too corrupt.

That's blow the lid on 'Man Made Global Warming' scam.

A timely reminder that public opinion will swing nastily towards those academics, and politicians, that suckle from this porker.

Besides, if Russian Intel is reading your email, hacking your servers, you know that you are in trouble!

Well done!

Karen Hoffhein

Are you all reading these e-mails or just talking about them? How would your personal e-mail correspondence fare on the Internet? How would they be interpreted? Opinions are legal, and we all have them.

The truth about climate change is probably somewhere in the middle. There is no conspiracy. Climate changes. Always has since the birth of the planet. Human activity has altered and possibly accelerated some of that change. The planet is not in danger. The inhabitants are.


... with trillions of dollars of their business at stake if we ever got serious of cutting back on CO2 emissions the carbon traders (oil, coal, gas producers) have a good motive to use any sort of tactics they can.
Publishing of or trading in stolen data including emails is a criminal offense. I hope the NZ police will take a look at Ian's website here where which is one of those peddling in the stolen data.


I'm sorry, is there ANYONE who isn't already aware what a vast scam the global warming / climate change racket was?

Really, in another twenty years they'll look back on it the way we look back on the UFO scares of the 70's, the Satanic cult scares of the 80's....


I wonder what "Yes, Minister" would have made of this lot!

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