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Is this why the Emission Trading Scheme in NZ and other countries are being rushed before the Copenhagen summit?


This may exist somewhere and maybe I just haven't seen it,but is there a summary anywhere of the funding that has gone to these scientists over the years to carry out their work. Not just Phil Jones etc, but all scientists involved in this scam?


Of Interest:

Climategate: hide the decline – codified

Thomas Everth

Just for the record: The climate research and also the work of Mann is not discredited. To the contrary. For those who actually want to read past Ians bullying and posturing:

Also the temperature record as described by the hockey stick was just recently vindicated by a completely different group:

Ian: Wishful thinking and shouting (howling at the moon) will not change anything.

Ian Wishart

Just for the record, under congressinal questioning the National Academy of Sciences people agree the Wegman report on Mann's hockey stick scandal was correct.

And Thomas, you may be unaware but Mann's colleague William Connolly is responsible for being Wikipedia's gatekeeper on climate change articles.

That would be "peer review" a work again right?

Thomas Everth

And on cherry picked quoting by Ian:

I read Monbiot's article from which Ian picks stuff:

"Climate sceptics have lied, obscured and cheated for years. That's why we climate rationalists must uphold the highest standards of science."

And further: "One of the most damaging emails was sent by the head of the climatic research unit, Phil Jones. He wrote "I can't see either of these papers being in the next IPCC report. Kevin and I will keep them out somehow - even if we have to redefine what the peer-review literature is!"

One of these papers which was published in the journal Climate Research turned out to be so badly flawed that the scandal resulted in the resignation of the editor-in-chief. Jones knew that any incorrect papers by sceptical scientists would be picked up and amplified by climate change deniers funded by the fossil fuel industry, who often – as I documented in my book Heat – use all sorts of dirty tricks to advance their cause."

Thomas Everth

It always pays to actually read the papers from which Ian quotes!

Ian Wishart

Thomas, let's take a little breath momentarily. The news value in Monbiot's words is not his usual behaviour of attacking skeptics. We all know that.

The news value is his attack on the dodgy scientists who pulled this stunt.

Anyone reading the article I linked to can get the full detail. The fact he still believes in AGW and hates skeptics doesn't change what he has said about the failings of CRU and co.

If you are going to criticise, try and keep a semblance of why all of us highlight new things.


Very funny Thomas. Yes, howling at the moon is a favourite pastime for extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists.

Young earth creationists like Robk too, although to be fair Ian Wishart is not one of those.

Ian , I think you are an Intelligent Designer though are you not? And while not a young Earth creationist, you do believe in the literal truth of the entire bible still?

Bamm Bamm

ETS Ian?

Have the government people given it last rights yet?


"ETS Ian?

Have the government people given it last rights yet?"

Bamm Bamm.

Our pathetic pack of UN Loving tossers passed the ETS.

Nick Smith was always a lying creep IMO from way back.

Controversial ETS bill passed in urgency

Parliament voted 63 to 58 in favour of the climate change response bill early this evening after an acrimonious debate described by Climate Change Minister Nick Smith at one point as "rude and aggressive".

At least some of our OZ counterparts are kicking up a stink.

Ripples of Climategate? Liberal MP’s desert Turnbull in Australia over emissions trading scheme

Liberals rebel over climate change and Malcolm Turnbull,23739,26406523-952,00.html

Kevin Rudd to force ETS vote amid Liberal turmoil

Mr Turnbull said the Liberal Party had agreed to a deal with Labor and must now follow through in good faith.

"We cannot be seen as a party of climate sceptics. We entered into a bargain. There was offer and there was acceptance.

After Liberal frontbencher Tony Abbott confirmed his resignation tonight, Senate leader Nick Minchin, Deputy leader Eric Abetz, Sophie Mirabella, Tony Smith were tipped to follow.

They join junior Liberal frontbenchers Mathias Corman, Mitch Fifield and Brett Mason who quit yesterday and opposition Senate whip Stephen Parry.

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