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Well Ian, it was YOU that wanted us to throw out the excellent prime minister Helen Clark!!

This is what you get. Nick Smith - who I think set a world record for shortest time as a deputy party leader - was it 2 weeks?

Now you see why. And he is one of National's most competent ministers.

I've got it - why don't you be Prime Minister Ian? Or would the mass emigration that resulted not be to your liking?

Ha Ha Ha!!!


Well, Peter, it was you who constantly accused Ian of being unable to criticise the National - led government.

Make up your mind.



Tell me about Ian's history of criticising this government over the last year - hauling John Key over the coals!!

Ian has no option right now but to fight National, something he must be cursing!

It is just that with a National government elected, Ian has switched his attention from the full gamut of NZ political issues to a single issue, that he presumably THOUGHT would not develop into a situation such as this.

But if you think of all the other government stuff-ups over the last year - what have we seen?

For example - Hone Harawira, Rodney Hide ..

Ian said he saw it was his role to be critical of whoever was in power - in Labour it was on the widest possible front - for National he has found them wanting on one issue that he has tried to make his own! I am looking for more.

Oh and don't forget the Intelligent Design and literal truth of Bible issue Robk or Ian. Have you guys purchased your tickets to see RICHARD DAWKINS live in person in March 2010. Might be worth an Auckland pilgrimage I would say. I will see you there!

Ha Ha Ha !!!



"for National he has found them wanting on one issue..."

So far so good.

Don't you think the AGW issue is important enough to debate as a priority, seeing how it is going to cost YOU and me a fortune over the next decades?


"Don't you think the AGW issue is important enough to debate as a priority, seeing how it is going to cost YOU and me a fortune over the next decades?"


Peter appears to fine on that.

While the rest of us take a leaf out the poorest people living in India and Africa by burning animal dung for heating and cooking to save our energy costs!


It appears the Backside Lickers of the UN in Govt have passed the ETS. 63 For 58 Against.


Rob K

Like everyone else, you are squirming here.

Look at all the smiling faces of John Key on the covers of Investigate Magazine. Patsy questions, instead of penetrating questions, during interviews.

Is Leighton Smith simply Ian Wishart Mark 2, or is it the other way round?

We get the government and legislation we deserve. It is not helped by right wing propandists that take their eye off the ball.

Come back Helen Clark, all is forgiven. At least you had a brain and courage!

And while I am at it, does anyone have a tally of the number of abortions performed since National took office? The number of civil unions? Same sex?


You need to go and re-read the emails you have linked to - The paper being discussed is:
Manuscript Number: 2009JD012960
> Manuscript Title: Comment on "Influence of the Southern Oscillation on tropospheric
temperature" by J. D. McLean, C. R. de Freitas, and R. M. Carter

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