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David Wratt

Regarding the discussion here a few days ago on the airborne fraction of CO2 - Le Quéré et al have today published a paper in Nature Geoscience on "Trends in the sources and sinks of carbon dioxide", .

Quote: "In the past 50 years the fraction of CO2 emissions that remains in the atmosphere each year has likely increased, from about 40% to 45% ..."

John Boy

"...because people can see the holes in bad science."

And that is why some are here asking questions. Some of us think there's bad science afoot for political gain. It wouldn't be the first time.


">>>>Besides. It's laughable. You Cannot control the temperature by 2C.<<<<

Blatant misrepresentation."


Trying to keep temperatures from rising around the 2C mark then . Is utter Fantasyland Rubbish.

Seriously. The Politicians and the Scientists trying to do this. Need kicking up their backsides bigtime. They're either misinformed, deluded, arrogant or completely incompetent as they come.

Copenhagen climate change agreement is impossible

World leaders have finally accepted that it will be impossible to come to a deal on climate change this year and have moved their attention to setting new dealines for a global agreement.

The new plan was put forward by Lars Lokke Rasmussen, the Danish Prime Minister, over breakfast at an Asia-Pacific summit.

He suggested world leaders agree a “political accord” to keep temperature rise below 2C. However it will not be until further UN meetings in Bonn in June and Mexico in December that the details of how this will be achieved will be decided.


Tim Naish,

So you say that during the last interglacial temperatures were 2-3C warmer than today, and CO2 levels were not higher than 400ppm. Do we know what caused temperatures to be so high? Did these high temperatures cause methane emissions from the arctic and other positive feedbacks? How did the world escape this warming and head back to an glacial period?

Bamm Bamm


Yes, water vapour.
I've published in 'climate science' - but switched fields due to the 'quality problem' of people working there.

I will soon be fleeing NZ to work overseas ... permanently.

Water vapour shows I don't know anything about climate science?


I would like to see how CO2 has anything to go with real climate science ... so CM, put up - or shut up.

Maybe CM - you could please tell us all how CO2 functions to supposedly raise the Worlds temperature??

Feel free to start with the CO2 IR spectrum and evolve your model out from an atmospheric model to an oceanic thermal one ... Please start deriving here - we will all follow in great interest.

PS: Don't forget the Water vapour!

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