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There's no limit to the depths these scaremongering wankers will go to push their AGW agenda. With suicide a real risk among kids these days this has got to be the bottom of the barrel.


The greens are no environmentalist. As Mack has said, they're just a bunch of scaremongers.
The agendas and policies are based on fear and not science or proper understanding of our community or society. If my fellow kiwis can't see pass their PR fluff, we'll all be doomed with more pointless and harmful government policy.

Rob tate

That's funny, Wishart. Isn't that a child on the cover of Air Con? Does that child have strong views on climate change? If not, you're guilty of what you accuse the Greens of.

Art Critic

The image on Air Con is one of the most damming examples of sublime messages:

A feminine face with a devious conning look and the tip of Indonesia almost as a Hindu face dot (Gaia was a Greek Goddess, but the connection is implicit)...

It reads: "young twenty something female environmentalist conning you out of your entitlements to wealth and consumerism by pretending to protect the earth while really a devious con-artist..."


Art Critic, I am not letting you near my Rorschachs.

Is "damming" a subliminal play on global warming or a reference to the puddle under an Air Con unit?


The reference to abortion here is silly.

Ian, have you looked at abortion rates in some of the Roman Catholic countries like Brazil, Nicaragua, Ireland, Philippines?

Male dominated societies like the Philippines and Nicaragua have huge problems with domestic abuse, rape, teenage pregnancies and the like.

In Brazil, the abortion rate was reported to be as high as 1 million per year!

You apply a definition of "murder" to abortion but the real world does not accept your definition at all. And religious families need abortions more than anyone so that they can erase the shame that would otherwise eventuate.

Illegal abortions simply deny abortions to the very poor. In Nicaragua, it has pushed up the SUICIDE rate among women! Then you get large families of kids with a dead mother and absconded father(s).

All you have to do is run a media organisation. Elected people have to govern for all, not just for extreme right wing Christian fundamentalists!

Imagine the gaols you would need if all defined abortion as murder


Ian, answer me this. Why is it that fundys get so worked up about abortions, yet they don't utter a word about the slaughter of the living, for instance, did you ever give a shit about innocent children dying in Iraq as a result of American invasion. Why is that less offensive to you than abortion.



Your flippant remarks in previous posts about the number of abortions "under National" undermine your apparent concern above. I don't believe you have a genuine concern.



Who or what is a "fundy"?

You might think your argument is a clever one, but it's not, really.

For example you say "Why is it that fundys get so worked up about abortions, yet they don't utter a word about the slaughter of the living..."

What the hell do you think abortion is? The 'termination' of the dead??

I don't think you 'give a shit' about the innocent children in Iraq OR that are aborted!

Did you not read in Ian's post about the huge numbers of abortions every year? Most of the time the killing of children in Iraq is somewhat accidental, but every abortion is deliberate.

Nobody said the deaths of the Iraqi innocents is less offensive than aborted children. The scale of it is simply dwarfed by the deaths by abortion and starvation.

Sorry, you are just prejudiced.


Arguing about abortion on the internet - is there anything more pointless on Earth?



"Arguing about abortion on the internet - is there anything more pointless on Earth?"

Maybe arguing global warming?

Abortion is a matter of life or death to the babies.


You're only proving my point.

Shunda barunda

What point CM? The one where you appeal to your own sense of self righteous judgement on the issue?

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