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Bamm Bamm

Ahhh yes ..

Wait for further hacks to come from other Establishments.

It would be worthwhile requesting that they provide all email off their servers for review.

I feel a paper coming out on this ... it could be a huge pork barrel sustaining me for years.

I wonder about other 'climate change researchers' and NZ institutions?

Will they make their email publically available?
Afterall - it is public money funding it ....


I like how some practitioners of pseudo-science are using the "hacker bad, scientist good" angle while providing bogus "not in context" half baked justifications. It is like Fasificationism is the new black. Public funding of fraud is just that. Let us see when the first court cases hit the fan.


Well now where is that other oracle of everything in NZ?
Yep that bike riding expert in climate change.

Strangely quiet so far but i imagine his outfit are very rapidly selling all their Green Stuff.

Ian Wishart

Absent from any meaningful debate on this: The Green Party and their pet blogger Gareth Renowden at Hot Topic.

They're still throwing up "peer reviewed" and "cherry picking"

The game is over. Global warming believers who refuse to acknowledge the serious credibility dent to their best scientists deserve to be treated as the cretins they are.


The processing of this leaked information is being done my massively paralleled supercomputers... otherwise known as humans: There must be 100's of thousands of people sifting through this information, and even if thousands are unearthing the exact same things, they are publishing it to their sphere of influence. Global coverage, 21st century viral style.

Absolute dynamite for the climate change scammers. Time for them to be pegged out in the mid-day sun methinks.

Anyone think the IPCC many be busy beefing up their firewalls?


Ian, this *should* be game over. But there's years of planning by very powerful people at stake here and they'll not let a few sloppy scientists de-railed their plans for a new form of global governance.. and for the massively increased levels of power that comes with it!

The question is what can we do next to up the ante?


As an aside, check out this exchange between skeptic scientist Arno Arrak, Gareth and "Scaddenp" over at Hot Top.

Then read the final dismissive comments by the faithfull.

Truly, there are none so blind as those who will not see.


Ironically, the comments were posted in an article entitled "Climate Cover-Up" (a review of a book of the same name).

You have to appreciate the irony!



Ian Wishart

Yeah, and if you want the real irony of Hoggan's book title, The Climate Cover Up, see my post on it here


While we're at it.

This 'Greenshite' is some of the official source material for Teaching (brainwashing) Children in the NZ State School system on AGW/CC.

Tiki the Penguin.

Hot Earth.

John Boy

Hello Thomas and CM. Hello... hello...
You must have a comment surely, even at this early stage of a story that, like or or not, may have some basis in fact.

The next global warming believer who raises "peer review" as a defence of global warming deserves to be metaphorically tarred and feathered and laughed at for the rest of his or her natural life.

So that would mean your book would be all bullshit. You do, after all keep rabbiting on about your peer reviewed sources.


But he isn't a "global warming believer" that fakes his data his he? So that just does not apply and you have seriously failed except to state that you have no valid point.
If you support Falsificationism in science you should hang to those precious non sensical half baked tirades while you watch your pseudo science be brought to its knees. Wake up nat, it is not too late to join the good fight.


>>>>Hello Thomas and CM. Hello... hello...
You must have a comment surely, even at this early stage of a story that, like or or not, may have some basis in fact.<<<<

I've been out of action for the last 5 days or so and am only just reading about all this now. At this stage it seems a little like a storm in a teacup - e.g. there's no surprise to see some scientists argue with or have a low opinion of others and expressing it in personal correspondence, or using shorthand, or being annoyed at crap papers passing peer review and getting publication.

Physics is still physics. The global changes we are experiening haven't gone into reverse because of emails being leaked. There is still no decent alternative theory that a large enough group resepected scientists can support.

I'm reserving judgement though until I've got a decent handle on it all and from a wide variety of sources (see Ian's '67 metre sea level rise' knee-jerk reaction as a good example of why). I'd also like to hear whether any emails have been fiddled with (very easy to do).

I'd love to see Heartland Institure emails over the same period. Or Ians. Given the amount of emails hacked here, I would have thought the apparent 'global conspiracy' would be much more obvious.


...a little storm in a teacup...bla bla surprise some scientists argue...bla...changes we are experiencing...bla bla...still no decent alternative you should of just typed a big "Méééé!" the size of that post.

That is just the sort of dismissive play-it-down-damage-control all the falsificationists are using. Ever read what Max Planck Institute for Solar System Research put out in 2004 on the activity and temperature of the sun?
There are a lot of "respected scientists" that talk of it.
Kind of shames all that "CO2 wants your dizimus" pseudo-science talk going around since we started ignoring actual polar mass and actual temperatures in favour of models with selective data "massaged" in a way it predicts things that simply do not reality.
Reserve judgement all you want, just don't expect it to hold up to factual occurrences and denial will not hold up either. Like a certain medieval hot period that has been "smoothed" out of existence just because it was inconvenient. But then again, that must not be a "surprise" to you and all those "respected scientists" you talk of. Because to you it is clearly all about respect really and how you get to that position where you have it so you can throw it around like it adds up to something, everything else is just a background.

And I would only like to see emails from people that work in the profession where lies can make you earn a living while keeping poor continents down. That is so awesome and you can be so nonchalant about it...pathetic.

Bamm Bamm


Why has the NZ Media not run with this?



Good story and 10min interview here:


Bamm Bamm - I've been emailing them asking (while providing links to other MSM publications that have acrried this story)


Ha! Jones et al are working hard to spin the interpretation of the emails - particularly the one about correcting the decline.

Here's a post about how you can't spin what's going on in the software code used to generate the hockey stock:

These guys belong in jail. Seriously. Countries like NZ are busy enacting 'climate saving' legislation - which will no nothing of the sort - while damaging our economy for generations.

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