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Even if all the contaminated contents of this stew of lies and deception resign there will be an army of equally dedicated propogandistas to continue the fraud as the MSM are by and large dedicated to continue the scam for what reason it is hard to comprehend. Thank every thing that is precious for the blogs.

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The world is cooling and yet they want us to have a warming tax. They want us to pay a climate debt on a gas thats a basic building block of human life and doesnt warm the climate. They want to bring in an ETS but in Europe it has evolved into a network of politically powerful vested interest groups, massive economic distortions and covert industrial subsidies that will do practically nothing to fight climate change.

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Hey check out the latest edition of the listener.
The front cover shows the planet burning up with the words Last chance to save humanity, Global warming the science and the solutions.Page 18 THIS IS IT. Are our attempts at limiting global warming a case of too little too late? Scientists paint a dismal picture of a future in which fire, famine and flood are common place. HA! this stuff is priceless, 1 billion are already starving through lack of food which has nothing to do with the climate and everything to do with bio fuel production, and economic policies being brought about by these same loving people who are shouting at the top of their lungs for us to all submit to sucking up this crap, even taxing our pets for just being alive.When we can read all their lies on the web and its admitted by them to be their emails. Anyway it shows all the same red hot maps of earth dotted with pictures of upturned cars, forest fires, baked earth,and don't forget that advancing Gobi desert. Utter Utter drivel of the highest order well worth a read.


Of interest:

I agree with him.

IMO: Nature and New Scientist should be renamed Greenpeace New Scientist and Greenpeace Nature. They've seriously lost their credibility.

David Archibald on Climategate

The way to improve the review of papers is to break the power of the corrupted establishment. Two of the most prestigious science journals have been Science and Nature, but both of these now publish a certain amount of twaddle. In fact Nature seems to have degenerated to occupy the niche formerly occupied by New Scientist, and New Scientist has degenerated into the publishing arm of Greenpeace." "Peer review locks gate"

Bamm Bamm

If you think the politicians are listening, take a look at this:

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