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Should be a hoooot!

Just had a flick through Morgans book ... sorry Ian, haven't read yours yet ... maybe Santa will drop a copy off?

I'm just trying to remain Impartial from any written materials.


Bammbamm and Acid and robk will be watching Close Up up close. Make sure you do your hair nice Ian.
And I'll give you $100 if you mention 'Air Con'.
Yeah just kidding ;-)

>>>I'm just trying to remain Impartial from any written materials.<<<

That's a hooooot right there.


Any bets on how long it will take Walrus (or perhaps the in-grooming Hosking) to utter the phrase "Fundamentalist Christian"?


No CM - I have some results to work on tonight - no TV.


What are the chance it won't get anywhere and the issue will be declared 'unresolved'? Anyone willing to deviate from 100%?


Unresolved? Walrus couldn't possibly allow a no-result, CM. There's a global consensus of all of the world's leading scientists don't-you-know - and they are unanimous in that. I'd be very surprised if TV One allows any room for doubt (especially as I've just watched their propaganda piece on Te News).

David White

The Copenhagen conference is an attempt by UN witchdoctors to use peer pressure on world leaders to sing "Kumaya" and sign the death warrants on their golden geese (in NZ's case, dairy farming), while slaying democracy, freedom and technology.

You can't accuse them of aiming low!

Maybe if we cancel all the technology for 2 weeks, so that cannot travel there or understand each other or disseminate their high priestly drivel to the world?

Falafulu Fisi

Thomas Everret,

Just curious, aren't you that same person, who used to (or haven't been back here yet) to comment as Sam Villain? Sam Villain, claimed last week that there is something called Bohr's Law in relation to atmospheric physics. I asked him to elaborate a bit more on this Bohr's Law, and he simply disappeared. I know that Bohr's formulations were in quantum mechanics and I am not aware of any formulation of his in atmospheric physics.

I suspect that Sam Villain, simply disappeared, since he knew that there is no such thing as Bohr's Law in atmospheric physics.

You seemed to fit the Sam Villain that I have mentioned above.

C'mon Thomas Everret, just fess up, are you really Sam Villain?

Chris Bird

Unfortunately the segment was a waste of time as there was not enough time to air all the issues. Closeup should have allocated the whole programme on this very important issue.

Chris Bird

I see the poll result was 77% in favor of Ian.


"Should be a hoooot!"

Here's the Close Up Poll results.

77% voted for Ian.W.
22% voted for Gareth.M.


"Unfortunately the segment was a waste of time as there was not enough time to air all the issues"

Chris Bird,

Agreed there.


I agree. Ian obviously knew there would be little time as he spoke too fast and mentioned things like 'the hockey stick' which needed explanation for most people.

Gareth had too little time to say anything other than "more scientists believe than don't" kind of statements...

It's a start, though. The public should be better informed.


Fala - the Bohr magneton is probably the closet one would get to that description.

There is always one person that feels the need to shit on everyone - eh CM?


Actually despite the lack of air time this is quite a breakthrough on msm.
77% to 23%


Typical once over lightly...the result surprised Sainsbury...the expression on his face was a peach.


I agree that there wasn't enough time given to the debate. Ian didn't have time to go into the science of it a lot. I think that a lot of the folks that voted though would have already informed themselves via the internet and made up their minds already. It was a good forum with which to gauge the feeling of the nation, however.

I think Tim that US correspondent on the main news did mention that the folks in the US who believe in mad-made climate change are at the lowest they've been in the 12 years of the debate.


Slightly more scientific poll result:

"A telephone survey of 500 people found New Zealanders generally support an international treaty on climate change even if it would cost them money."

"The poll results were analysed by market researcher Duncan Stuart, who found that most people, about eight out of 10, agreed that climate change was happening and was a problem, although many were unsure whether it was caused by people.

About 17 per cent agreed with the statement that the world's climate was having the same ups and downs it had always had and that there was no evidence of a problem, while 44 per cent agreed there was clear proof warming was caused by human activities."

Shane W

Morgan appeared rational and credible, Wishart..... well let's just say his hair was nice.

It is absolutely incredible that 77% of viewers would have sided with him. Ian's assertion of 700-800,000 votes is about as credible as his whole satanist, lesbian, communist conspiracy theory.

Come on guys admit it, you were texting your votes like mad to skew the figures. Swear on the bible that there was no block voting going on.

Stuart Mathieson

Gareths right Ian! I noticed you pushed all the conspiracy buttons - financial incentives, God, world government, money to 3rd world countries. Enterprise One in NZ has already received 11m from Norway for carbon credits. Does this make us 3rd world?
Stuart Dunedin

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