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Well - we have to mine the national Parks to pay for the ETS scheme.

Fighting global warming has its price you know!


"Fighting global warming has its price you know!'


The price of stupidity.

Like this.

The Chinese way of population control.

Qinlao village has been given the unenviable task of making it through the winter, when temperatures can descend to -40C, without burning any coal. Instead, the villagers have been told they should burn the corn stalks left over from their harvest to keep warm.

Xinhua, the propaganda arm of the government, has declared Qinlao as the "first coal-free zone" in China's northernmost province and a model of how the country can survive without coal. "Within three years, the whole of north China will be burning plant stalks like us," boasts Mr Zhao.

Anger Management Los Angeles

This certainly was a funny debate. Great video.


Excellent back-and-forth. Good to see BammBamm and Acid really getting into the spirit of it.


Don't you just love the sound of your own voice CM.


Do you hear your voice when you type? I'd get that checked out mate.

Pete Fumberger

The humour in the exchanges is magnified tenfold just listening to the accents, which are always funny no matter where you hear them.

Merv the Kiwi


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what a shame for our politic scene..

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This days in politic increase curroution so much no body think about the nation only think about their self.

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