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About time the UN went the way of the Dodo.

Adolf Fiinkensein

And whose troops will it use for enforcement?

Thomas Everth

Monbiot has written an excellent article that defines were its at:

recommended read. Perhaps the knuckleheads united in this corner of the web here can see themselves in the mirror... then again as denial is your game that probably applies to what you see in the mirror too....


"Monbiot has written an excellent article that defines were its at"

Moonbat is the chief 'Knucklehead' of enviro-hysteria.


So if the UN becomes the global government that means that .... oh no, not more of Helen's policies!


Oh no, would that be the same Guardian in which Fred Pearce writes then Thomas?


Shul Ban Ki-Moon be renamed Barking at the Moon.


There are currently anti terror units separate from the NZ army currently being trained in this country for the "Rugby world cup" and "other" local dangers.
This was reported in the NZ Herald, and the Dom post late last year.
There are also youth training programs proposed by John key to train unemployed youth to train with military style weapons, this was announced the same week that the government said they would cut adult education funds.
Get ready for the green brigades.


Thomas we all know a world government run for and by bankers will love and care for us all, we're all just having a little in joke.

lemon ade

It's got to happen though, or Scripture can't be fulfulled. I try to grin and bear it and to dream of better things.

John Boy

"..Scripture can't be fulfulled.."

My dispensationalist mates are so busy watching Israel they can't see this coming. Idiots.


How else do you tackle a global problem?
By disputing that it's a global problem because you don't like the idea of global action?


I'm sure there will be a job for you CM in one of the 700 new bureaucracy's set up through the looting of all of the planets wealth.
maybe you can dispense Carbon tickets, or sit on a panel that decides whether granny is worth keeping alive in one of our new slick corporate new-age hospitals?
You could have some power over someone weaker than you.


"How else do you tackle a global problem?
By disputing that it's a global problem because you don't like the idea of global action?"


Global Action is Leftie/Greenie wordspeak for Dictatorship.

You CAN'T CONTROL The Climate SO Get Over it!

At least in the 1920s and 1930s when there was similar levels of Climate hysteria in the MSM then. It was finally recognised as a natural event.

Of course this time around.

All those people with their overhyped 'Fear Factor' Fantasy computer models. And all those Corrupt NGOs, etc need to be kept in $$$. Which won't doing anything to stop Climate Change anyway.

Besides it's a manufactured Global Problem using very selective 'cherrypicked' data to make it more overhyped and alarmist than what is really happening.


You can't control the internet either - it was invented by Al Gore you know ...



I haven't translated Russian for a decade - but here is a recent link about data given to the CRU - and an analysis of data manipulation by the MMGW 'scum'.

As I said earlier here, and no one noticed. The Russians paid for this research, and it was faked.

NZ politicians are in complete denial that the data was even faked at all (yes Jeanette - I'm talking about you here).

Get ready for more releases - there is more where this came from. Much More.


This sums up all those sycophants at Copenhagen nicely.

Lord Monckton barred from Copenhagen conference – pushed to the ground by security

Previously Robert Mugabe, dictator of Rhodesia, who had refused to leave office when he had been soundly defeated in a recent election, had also won plaudits at the conference for saying that the West ought to pay him plenty of money in reparation of our supposed “climate debt”.


Well - didn't I tell you all that you have surrendered your sovereignty?

Its time to lock and load ... you don't fight these people with science.
Only bullets change things now.


It only takes one doctor to section members of the public now I beleive.


Just think, every week day young NZ children are being taught how to live in the new Malthusian world of less and less, and its all because of the nasty C02, and its all utter utter BULLSHIT! thought up by control freaks.
May an asteroid land upon them.

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