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I reckon we should no longer label the MSM as such, but use the label LSM - being Lame-stream Media,following Bernie Goldberg, because that's a far more fitting label. It certainly applies to NZ too.


Govts buy into Climate Change as it's a way of netting huge tax revenue and is a UN plan for One World Govt. National are signed up to it, where was the referendum for that one? Thanks, John, petrol and power to rise next year, and for what?


Ian, good post, its fair to assume that the Subs and the Editors are the green gatekeepers here in NZ, whats the bypass route? Obviously the Web and sites like TBR are crowbarring a way in, I haven't totally given up on the MSM, but the ground don't get much more shakey than this...ignoring a scandal of this size? Surely thats media suicide.


Of Interest:

Climategate: Penn State Professor Mann under investigation

Penn State has been overwhelmed with the response from the scientific community. It was left with no other option but investigate. The official Penn State statement:

Climate science email controversy headed for Capitol Hill airing

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