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Ian Wishart

I'll go anywhere for a laugh, CM :)






I was going to say 'same here' but I thought it might be a little too subtle

Thomas Everth

Now that's a level of the discussion that will get us somewhere. Finally an analogy that is comprehensible to the masses... those that wiggle the TV worm... ;-)

But the way it was put up initially stinks... ;-)

In reality its like this:

Ian needs to fart. He knows if we wants to do this in the pub he has to buy me a beer as I am non farter. Now Ian really hates the idea of buying me a beer (for the arguments sake) plus if he is going on farting in the pub his spending allowance will be wasted - literally. So Ian, being practical and wanting to spend his money on his beer rather than mine, goes outside to fart, or sees a proctologist and gets the little issue sorted once and for all. In the end - if Ian is clever, which I do not doubt at all - Ian will have a good night out, spend his money on his own beer and we all enjoy an olfactory satisfying environment at the pub.
Now, thats ETS for dummies!


Yes, Thomas .... there are people here with a lot more common sense, self respect, and brains than yourself.

I would not be happy if I was you - Tom.
Suspect that you are bludging off society. Other people probably contribute more.

Thomas Everth

BammBamm: I am happy to tell you that I am not a bludger on society. In fact, if you knew me you would probably be quite embarrassed by your comment.


Perhaps I already know you?

Thomas Everth

Obviously you don't.


'Bludger on society' - jeez, could you be any more cliched?


:) :) :) :) :)

Everyone knows everyone in NZ - just as Ian.

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