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Andrew W

All Monckton demonstrates is that he's a liar.

Shane Ponting

And that graph proves what exactly?


"All Monckton demonstrates is that he's a liar."

Arctic Sea-Ice melt has nothing to do with CO2 or the AGW/CC Fraud.

It's another load of fraudulent lies.

Latest data has once again shown. The Artic has had bigger melts than what has been seen in recent years.


It looks like those Al Gore and Co AGW/CC Alarmist US Disaster predictions for 2009 fell pretty much flat on their faces as usual.

Top U.S. weather story of 2009: drought hits a 10-year low

The weather gods were unusually kind to the U.S. in 2009, as the nation had no hurricane landfalls, a relatively quiet tornado season, no billion-dollar floods, and the lowest drought footprint of the decade by year's end. According to insurance giant Munich Re, the four costliest 2009 weather disasters in the U.S., not including droughts, were:

Drought is not increasing in the U.S.
Global warming theory predicts that although global precipitation should increase in a warmer climate, droughts will also increase in intensity, areal coverage, and frequency (Dai et al., 2004). This occurs because when the normal variability of weather patterns brings a period of dry weather to a region, the increased temperatures due to global warming will intensify drought conditions by causing more evaporation and drying up of vegetation. Increased drought is my number one concern regarding climate change for both the U.S. and the world over the next forty years. Two of the three costliest U.S. weather disasters since 1980 have been droughts--the droughts of 1988 and 1980, which cost $71 billion and $55 billion, respectively. The heat waves associated with these droughts claimed over 17,000 lives, according to the National Climatic Data Center publication, Billion-Dollar Weather Disasters. Furthermore, the drought of the 1930s Dust Bowl, which left over 500,000 people homeless and devastated large areas of the Midwest, is regarded to be the third costliest U.S. weather disaster on record, behind Katrina and the 1988 drought. (Ricky Rood has an excellent book on the Dust Bowl that he recommends in his blog post from January). However, despite significantly warmer temperatures over the U.S. over the past 40 years, drought has not increased, according to the U.S. Climate Extremes Index (blue bars, Figure 4). The portion of the U.S. experiencing abnormal drought and exceptionally wet conditions has remained nearly constant at 10% over the past century.


The Graph doesnt show that much. Only that it had been increasing and decreasing over a very short time period. Reflective of El Nino and La Nino weather patterns


Good old Lord Monckton!

Taking on Greeny Hippy Scum.


Rod Donald would have never allowed the Green Party to push the man made global warming agenda. He had a brain.

He had to be got rid of.


Facts are facts. For example Arctic ice melts increasing is a fact but Antarctic ice is growing. Both are facts. The sum of both indicates little change. That is a fact.
Check the facts /data yourself and avoid being conned either way.
Go Christopher Monckton


Hay Andrew you didn't answer his question? As Hitler said tell a lie big enough long enough and strong enough and people will start to believe it! This is not about the environment its about greed and the desire to establish a one world government. A Global warming tax is just the vehicle to achieve this - what ever happened to the alarmist movement over the ozone layer?


Stalin and Hitler are alive and behind all this. I just know it.

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