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All we need to do now is find a link between the IPCC and those climate criminals at the University of East Anglia...

Er, um, is that satire, irony or plain ignorance?

The East Anglia CRU crew are one of the major contributers to the IPCC. The names of Jones and his mates feature prominently all through the IPCC reports.

Mann invented the hockey stick by combining their with his, though having to hide the unfortunate ddecline in Briffa's data with a tricky line.


Wow poneke, I see you're a misrepresentation specialist too.

Now Roy Spencer is hiding the decline. Guess that's the end of his career. What a sham etc etc etc blah blah blah distortion blah blah.


From one of my friends, and sources.

Some of your readers will be interested to learn that there is a studio room complex in Dunedin let to students that is coal powered. In winter it burns over 1 tonne of mixed coal per month, which powers a central heating unit.

On a recent trip down south before Christmas, I inspected this unit complex. The chimney is not tall enough, and on inspecting the property I found large quantities of soot, and fly ash all over the place, both outside, and more insidiously inside.

Analysis of the soot has revealed calcium oxides, heavy chain carbon carcinogens, arsenic, and traces of other nasty heavy metals. The ash itself is between 3-5% amorphous silica, a potent carcinogen.

The students in this complex all appear to have a 'smokers cough', and inside, as well as outside is covered in a grimy deposit of fine ash.

Curiously, it is owned by GMK Holdings, whose address is in Auckland.


I just thought it a little ironic that GMK holdings own this property, and puts its tenants lives at risk through dirty coal power?


Also, CD beat Auckland in the 20/20 final.


I've just been told it is in fact a tonne per week ... sometimes more. Apologies.


GMK is Gareth Morgan Kiwisaver? Wouldn't surprise me that he wrote a book on global warming and doesn't practice what he preaches.

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