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If he had to take his kid to the emergency room for a hand injury though, I'm sure that would been acceptable. A kid actually being born isn't important.


Good on him for hanging up. I would too.

Shane Ponting

Probably because accountability is a foreign concept to you.

Psycho Milt

...behaviour which, in other circumstances, would look very much like money laundering.

Circumstances, for instance, where the purpose of the transactions was to conceal criminal activity? Well, yes indeed - just as many of the financial transactions of businesses would "look very much like money-laundering" if the purpose of them was to conceal criminal activity. In the absence of criminal activity of course, it's simply a series of financial transactions. So, do you have some evidence of criminal activity, or are we being asked to gasp in horror at some perfectly ordinary financial transactions?


>>>Probably because accountability is a foreign concept to you.<<<

Based on what?


Timothy Geithner isn't a criminal either.
Its all lies.


Psycho Milt,

When large amounts of tax-payers' money are being spent in an unnecessarily circuitous manner, then questions can and should be asked.

Fred Lightfoot

[email protected]
Next Sunday in the 'Telegraph' (UK) his world is about to implode.


Parental leave.. so important that something so crucial to the minor detail of "not having a job" to take leave from in future, become a new way to say?
"I need a lawyer before I will talk" :-)
hmm? his IPCC and funding may(does?) have a strong link to the fudged NZ temps too I am betting.


I wonder whether he paid any Tax on that income.


I hear he keeps small children in his basement too. Despicable.


ring him back on feb 9, he's not on parental leave then.

If he can;t answer questions then, perhaps a letter to the Ird commissioner to enquire whether the income was declared or not might be appropriate


"In fact, far from being an alarmist, Pachauri was specifically chosen as IPCC chair in 2002 after the Bush administration waged a successful campaign to have him replace the outspoken Dr. Robert Watson, who was opposed by fossil fuel companies like ExxonMobil."

I don't hear you all blaming Bush, or ExxonMobil. Funny that.

Richard Prosser

"who was opposed by fossil fuel companies like ExxonMobil"

What other kind of fuel companies are there?

Nothing biased or emotive in that little snippet, is there.


>>>What other kind of fuel companies are there?<<<

I think you could say "such as" instead of "like".

>>>Nothing biased or emotive in that little snippet, is there.<<<

Not that I can see. I think you're making stuff up.



My Dear CM, if he has received under the counter monies, then VUW should have taken 'overheads' of around 7/12ths of this money.

This is the usual overhead wrought in New Zealand in which the unis skim monies off the top of researchers grants.

Now - here is where the real fun begins.
There will be records at VUW ... most definitely.

Taxation. He was paid, this money needs to be taxed - and the University should have records of its receipts. Along with his super scheme, and the rest of the gravy trickle down ...

Academics don't get paid directly it has to go through the university financial system.

While I'm not totally familiar with VUW books ... I would say that Mr Wishart has enough information about to fall into his hands to write another book.

Fraud and Science funding in NZ ... and the University Monsters.

There will be lots of money laundering, fraud, and trouble coming.

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