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Perhaps TE would like to spend some time in Russia this summer.

The big cold is there - now.

Magadan perhaps? People there tend to think of Siberia as a the civilised 'mainland'.

David White

All your points are numbered "1." (Good points though.)

Andrew W

"Green blogger Thomas Everth makes more errors in the first 200 words of his recent global warming diatribe than I have made in my last three books totalling around 400,000 words."

"All your points are numbered "1.""

Well that's 9 errors without even reading it! ;-)

Ian Wishart

Yeah, I blame Typepad and Microsoft Word... :)


To add to the bad winter weather enveloping Europe and the US, Beijing is having it's coldest winter in 60 years, and Seoul it's worst in 70 years.

The snowfall, which began about 1 a.m. (1600 GMT Sunday), was the worst since Korea began conducting meteorological surveys in 1937 and continued through the afternoon, the state weather agency said.
HONG KONG (MarketWatch) -- Severe cold weather warnings were in effect for central and northern China late Sunday, as heavy snowfall disrupted air and vehicle traffic in the nation's capital, forcing massive school closures amid frigid temperatures that were forecast to last until mid-week

Temperatures were forecast to fall to minus 16 degrees Celsius (minus three degrees Fahrenheit) in the nation's capital on Monday and Tuesday, the lowest in about half a century, according to the state-run Xinhua News Agency.

I'm sorry, but really, you have to be an idiot to believe in global warming.


Account Deleted

Winter season exists very short in BKK while other provinces in the North and NE are cold in some certain periods of time. Alternately, warming weather existed. We can expect to face more variations, tropical winds/storms and turbulent weather in this year.



Easy to say that those who believe in global warming are idiots.

What about those who remain Roman Catholics in light of the many revelations of an abusive culture - worse it seems in Ireland than the US?

And from what country did many of our Roman Catholic clergy immigrate?

Makes you think!


Most of the abuse has been conducted by males too. Are you hankering for a sex change operation because of what other males have done?

Shane Ponting

Peter you aren't the same without your trademark signoff.

Thomas Everth

Choice! Ian is reading the Coromandel Town Chronicle.
Here is the full article:

I spare myself from wasting my time arguing Ians points 1 to 1 as I would encourage the readers to do their own research on the matter.

I have added another article here, which perhaps also has to do with the general matter off all of this here:


Just saying that global warming does not exist and citing various facts does not make it go away. Watching worldwide changes in bird migrations, growing seasons, rainfall patterns and insect population changes demonstrate a problem. The question is what to do to mitigate the effects which appear to be pointing to a disaster for humanity in the not to distant future.


"Just saying that global warming does not exist and citing various facts does not make it go away. Watching worldwide changes in bird migrations, growing seasons, rainfall patterns and insect population changes demonstrate a problem"

Nothing we can do about it. CO2 isn't the main cause and never was.

BTW: Birds migrated south unseasonally early along with some animals hibernating unseasonally early in many parts of the NH this year. Because they weren't stupid they knew the NH was in for a bitter cold winter. Unlike the stupid idiot, charaltan frauds and liars that are so myopic with AGW/CC they keep forecasting and given Mild Winter Climate outlooks.


What acid said - even if there IS global warming, and birds and insects are doing weird things, that doesn't make it CO2, and it certainly doesn't make and warming man-made.


ps, the 'ocean acidity' is bollocks anyway -

It seems that sea life thrives on warmer water and increased carbon dioxide. On June 2nd, 2009 a groundbreaking new research paper was announced by zoologists that indicated that elevated water temperatures and heightened concentrations of carbon dioxide (CO2) dramatically increases the growth rate of a keystone species of sea star and may well be beneficial to other sea crustaceans.

Yes, that’s right–sea-dwelling creatures like a drop of acid in the drink. Crustaceans (e.g. shellfish and coral) survive by making carbonate structures and they do so by turning soluble bicarbonates in the water to carbonates. In basic terms, their way of life causes them to release CO2 into the water. It’s normal, not nasty, say the sea scientists.

But hold on, here’s another little fact to debunk the “acid oceans” drivel being hyped by hippy seaweed-huggers. Oceanographers all concur that no amount of CO2 could ever turn the oceans to “acid.” The experts say that seawater acidity (or pH) is alkaline at 8.2. Neutral is 7 while the acidity (pH) of carbonic acid is around 6.5 at saturation STP, [one litre CO2 / litre water]. Not just that, but only about 10% of CO2 turns to acid, the rest is simply dissolved!

Also, from a study done in 1993 -

In this study the experts found that the pH of the surface ocean is a sensitive function of its alkalinity. With totally inorganic variables it thus can serve as a very accurate proxy for past ocean pH to yield information about variations in atmospheric CO2. So thanks to the oceanographers we have a new and far more reliable proxy of past climate than given to us by those dodgy tree-ring counters so badly discredited in the recent Climategate scandal. It appears that boron isotopic composition of foraminiferal tests depends on the pH of seawater, and thus serves as the essence of this new and reliable proxy. What the report tells us is that seawater isotopic composition has been constant during the past 21 million years. For most of that period surface ocean pH was only 7.4 ± 0.2, but it then increased to 8.2 ± 0.2 (approx. the present value) at 7.5 million years ago. The newly found numbers are telling us that the atmospheric concentration of carbon dioxide today is extremely low in broader historical terms. Or to put it another way, oceanographers are proving that the man made global warming theory just doesn’t hold water!



One of the Wenches from Otago University's Marine Science Department gave a big public talk about how increasing CO2 was going to acidify oceans, and the shells of certain species of shell fish were going to dissolve.

All 'boo hoo hoo - we are causing so much damage'.

When I asked her what the pH of the oceans were.

She didn't know.

When I asked her how much CO2 it would take to physically dissolve into the oceans to raise the pH to actually dissolve shell fish.

She didn't know.

When I asked her about the buffering effect of the worlds oceans and marine chemistry.

She didn't know.

All this from New Zealand's Leading Research University!

Yeah right!


Ian Wishart

IIRC, one of the regulars at Hot Topic is a character from Otago Uni's Marine Science Dept, so that would explain the infestation of brain-dead knee-jerk slogan-science you got hit with - probably one of his students.


I'm curious how the Marine Science Department was able to afford and raise funds for its converted fishing vessel come 'research boat' from their meagre limited budget?

It is not suitable for its intended purpose as a sea going vessel, as any fisherman or sailor will tell you - and did before its purchase. But it was bought anyway through unknown channels.

Just like Dunedin is doing down south with its billion dollar stadium for 80,000 people.



>>>In fact, after hitting a record low extent in 2007 caused mainly by wind patterns blowing ice into warmer waters, Arctic sea ice has grown significantly in coverage since 2007, even exceeding the 30 year average it is measured against. "Visibly vanishing"? I don't think so.<<<

Um, according to this, we're right on the 2007 minimum, and nowhere near the 30 year average.


>>>Kevin Trenberth got so hot under the collar in the Climategate emails where he wrote:

"The fact is that we can't account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can't".<<<<

That was in a PAPER he wrote. And you've taken it out of context. Have you no shame?

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