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My goodness you've outdone yourself in your misrepresentation.

Here is the actual investigation report for those interested in what it actually says:


"University Park, Pa. — An internal inquiry by Penn State into the research and scholarly activities of a well-known climate scientist will move into the investigatory stage, which is the next step in the University’s process for reviewing research conduct.

A University committee has concluded its inquiry into allegations of research impropriety that were leveled in November against Professor Michael Mann, after information contained in a collection of stolen e-mails was revealed. More than a thousand e-mails are reported to have been “hacked” from computer servers at the Climatic Research Unit of the University of East Anglia in England, one of the main repositories of information about climate change.

During the inquiry, all relevant e-mails pertaining to Mann or his work were reviewed, as well as related journal articles, reports and additional information. The committee followed a well-established University policy during the inquiry ( ).

In looking at four possible allegations of research misconduct, the committee determined that further investigation is warranted for one of those allegations. The recommended investigation will focus on determining if Mann “engaged in, directly or indirectly, any actions that seriously deviated from accepted practices within the academic community for proposing, conducting or reporting research or other scholarly activities.” A full report ( concerning the allegations and the findings of the inquiry committee has been submitted.

In the investigatory phase, as in the inquiry phase, the committee will not address the science of global climate change, a matter more appropriately left to the profession. The committee is charged with looking at the ethical behavior of the scientist and determining whether he violated professional standards in the course of his work.

The investigatory committee will consist of five tenured full professor faculty members who will assess the evidence in the case and make a determination on Mann’s conduct."

Two phases. One phase is completed. On only one question is it necessary to move into the second phase.

It's all hidden openly on the internets.


Typical - take even the most innocent piece, give it a spin, create a conspiracy.

Dirty journalism - if you throw a lot of mud, some of it sticks.

Mind you, truth will out in the end and these conspiracy theorists end up being discredited.


Good on you Ken. Say it enough times and we all might believe you.
The only people being discredited lately are your high priests of the Global Warming scam for their exaggerations and half truths (otherwise known as lies).


>>>The only people being discredited lately are your high priests of the Global Warming scam for their exaggerations and half truths (otherwise known as lies).<<<

Nice, you're quoting from scripture almost verbatim. I like how you leave it so vague and general so it can't be pointed out how you're distorting and misrepresenting too. All up, 8.5 out of 10 for that.

Ian Wishart

Ken, every day on either your blog or someone else's you demonstrate your buffoonery.

It was a simple throw to the Penn State story. They've widened the investigation on one aspect.

Personally, I expected a complete whitewash but I guess we'll wait and see.

I've already demonstrated previously why your attempts to defend Mann's hockey stick are an utter waste of time and, frankly, an exercise in 'denialism'.



How can entering a second phase of a set process be 'widening'?

'Simple throw' is not at all what it is.


"you're quoting from scripture almost verbatim."

Do you mean just like you do with your warming crap.

Pot kettle black.

Mean Joe

What was that "trick" pofessor Michael Mann used? It's a good thing he only got half a million dollars in June of '09 to shut his mouth. Or did he get a hockey stick caught in it? Good thing for Mike the media is on his side!!


>>>Do you mean just like you do with your warming crap.<<<

Just the opposite. I'm interested in specifics, not vague generalities that hides misrepresentation and distortion. Or stupid grand conspiracy theories.

>>>od thing for Mike the media is on his side!!<<<

Yes that must be it. Nothing else would explain why they reported what um.....happened.

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