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John Boy

If you want to make a million start a religion.


Bombers safe, censored to fit, little world is coming crashing down around his ears.

The internet is forever, so all the crap he's posted re AGW over the last 5 years will be there to be pulled up whenever he starts ranting in the future.

Was good to see him get a serve on Hot Topic last week from commentor gosman who had obviously been censored on the North Korean like Tumeke.

The money is were this whole thing is going to end up. At the end of the day it will be the money trail that completely sinks AGW.

It's coming soon.


My comment appears not to have made it through at tumeke, so I'll post the gist of it here.

Essentially, I was pointing out that "big oil" stands to make billions from carbon taxes and cap & trade, because 1.) they'll just pass additional costs on to the consumer, 2.) They will see increased demand for 'cleaner' oil and gas over dirty coal, and 3.) they are uniquely placed to sequester carbon in depleted reservoirs (for a fee, of course)

Which of course explains why they all now have "green" statements explaining why they believe in doing something (as long as its not unilateral) about CO2 emissions. Even Exxon (who Bomber points out gave a piddly sum to some advocate groups) came on board with this about 4 years ago.


Don't kid yourself Spam, they may be trying to position and portray themselves as green, but behind the scenes they're fighting the rearguard action for all they're worth. They're not stupid.


Well, CN, seeing as I've done some consulting work on feasibility studies for geo-sequestration, I can tell you that the "behind the scenes" work they are doing is to position themselves to make a crapload of money.

Go look at the submissions on the ETS, for example.


Please Spam, don't confuse CM with actual facts.


You can read some good examples of what I'm talking about here:

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